Your Weekly Horoscope for July 9th



Singles should play it as cool as possible this week and remain open to meeting new people. Take advantage of your beauty and charm and strike up a new romance if you can! As for those already in relationships, all you want from your partner is some extra affection and love this week. Professionally, you’ve been getting a great reputation at work, and it’ll come in handy when you’re up for a big promotion or raise.


This week will be stressful when it comes to love because you’re looking at romance the wrong way. Instead of thinking you need a partner to complete you, be grateful for what you already have in life and enjoy the spontaneity of meeting new people. As for couples, every time you ask your darling for advice, don’t listen or take his or her words to heart. Don’t let your stubbornness get in the way of finding solutions to your problems. If you also want to reach your goals at work, make sure not to set the bar too high for yourself.


Don’t get your hopes up every single time you meet someone new and make sure you’re only invested in suitors who you see yourself having a future with. It might be tempting to fall in love quickly, but it doesn’t hurt to be more careful with your heart. As for those already with partners, you’ve decided just to go with the flow and suddenly all of your problems have gone away. You’re also tired of working and just want to spend your time relaxing and sipping cocktails in your free time.


You’ve been having such a wonderful time meeting new people that you haven’t focused on yourself or indulging in any shopping. As long as your bank account can handle it, splurge away on new clothes! For those already in relationships, you feel confident whenever he or she is giving you extra attention, but you’ll start to feel guarded if they get too close. Let your vulnerabilities show! Career-wise, a project from last year that you didn’t think was going to happen is finally in the works!


Compliments and success have really boosted your morale and you couldn’t feel better about yourself. It’ll be so easy for you to seduce anyone you want! As for couples, the more you grow complacent in your relationship and settle into a routine, the more bored you become! Spice up your bond by seeking out new adventures or activities for you two to do together. Don’t hesitate to negotiate a new deal or contract at work this week and be as straightforward as possible if you want to succeed.


Singles want more alone time and it’s understandable, but you won’t meet your soul mate by staying in your apartment all day long. Go out and live your life if you want to mingle with other people! For those already with partners, you’ve decided to spend more time with your friends as of late and your significant other feels left out! Make sure that he or she knows that you’re still prioritizing the relationship. Professionally, your only desire at work this week is to elevate your business, so make sure to tap into your network and reach out to all contacts.


Even though you’re infatuated with someone new every week, you can’t seem to make up your mind and focus on one person. Sometimes it works to just throw caution to the wind and take a risk! As for those already in relationships, the simplicity of your love has made you so happy as of late. You can’t stop thinking about your partner and how cozy you two feel just spending time together. You also need to wait a little bit before taking your vacation and really buckle down at work this week.


Singles are very good at making up their mind when it comes to suitors. You either want a commitment or you’re more than willing to just walk away. As for couples, try to be more flexible with your partner and all of the problems between you two will simmer down. Don’t let yourself get lazy at work this week or else it’ll impact your current projects and prevent you from succeeding.


You want to venture outside of your comfort zone and engage in new relationships without any strings attached. Meeting new people will always do you good! For those already with partners, you and your significant other agree that the summertime is for spending time together and going on vacation. Some new challenges at your job this week will motivate you to work even harder and push yourself beyond your limits.


Being alone has always served you well to a certain extent, but not having someone special to spend time with ends up depressing you sometimes. Break out of your shell and the stars are in your favor to find love. As for those already in relationships, family troubles have you worried and if your other half won’t help you weather the hard times, you’ll be able to get through it on your own. You’ll also experience a delay when it comes to receiving a raise this week, and it’ll frustrate you greatly.


Singles don’t really care too much about finding love because they’re having such an amazing time on their own. Between various plans with family and close friends, they have a nice life without a partner. For couples, you are used to spending all of y0ur time with your other half, but you should also try being more independent. It’s okay if your lover does something without you! Professionally, there will be a lot of discussion about a new project or contract, but don’t agree to anything yet without reading the fine print.


You’ll go out of your way to meet new people and it makes you feel more confident, but watch out for potential suitors who can’t be trusted! Not everybody has the purest intentions at heart. As for those already with partners, you always play the role of the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend, but does this really feel genuine to who you are? Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and be yourself. You’ll also have to pick up the slack at work this week for a few co-workers that are out on vacation.


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