[{“id”:12553,”date”:”2024-04-02″,”image”:{“thumbnail”:”9ad3d277-5a52-4723-8566-f5951a809f4c.jpeg”,”original”:”3b2be04e-a1bb-48cc-ac00-e3b9861b6897.jpeg”,”optimized”:”b7eb8b49-0cc9-4bd8-8182-62264fef82b2.jpeg”},”title”:”Gage Zero and Hillwood Announce Plans to Develop State\u2019s First EV Fleet Charging Hub in Texas”},[{“id”:12553,”date”:”2024-04-02″,”image”:{“thumbnail”:”9ad3d277-5a52-4723-8566-f5951a809f4c.jpeg”,”original”:”3b2be04e-a1bb-48cc-ac00-e3b9861b6897.jpeg”,”optimized”:”b7eb8b49-0cc9-4bd8-8182-62264fef82b2.jpeg”},”details”:[{“language”:”English – US”,”languageCode”:”en-US”,”title”:”Gage Zero and Hillwood Announce Plans to Develop State\u2019s First EV Fleet Charging Hub in Texas”,”article”:”

FORT WORTH, TX – April 2, 2024 – Gage Zero LLC (Gage Zero), an Austin-based fleet electrification solutions company that deploys and operates reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and Hillwood, known for its forward-thinking approach to development, are proud to announce plans to develop Texas’ first public commercial EV charging facility, catering to trucks and last-mile fleets. Nestled within the 27,000-acre master-planned, mixed-use development of AllianceTexas, this project signifies a significant leap forward in sustainable infrastructure.<\/p>\n

The EV fleet charging hub marks Hillwood’s commitment to future-focused development, addressing both today’s transportation needs and tomorrow’s resiliency challenges.<\/p>\n

AllianceTexas is a global logistics hub consisting of the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ), BNSF Alliance Intermodal Facility, one of the largest intermodal hubs in the nation, Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW) and direct access to I-35W and State Highway 170.<\/p>\n

“This groundbreaking initiative exemplifies our unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable infrastructure solutions that prioritize our customers’ needs,” said Russell Laughlin, Executive Vice President of Hillwood. “Through the deployment of innovative technologies, we expect to significantly enhance transportation efficiency, particularly in the crucial first and last mile segments of the logistics supply chain. Our vision is to enhance AllianceTexas’ forward-thinking infrastructure ecosystem, further empowering businesses to thrive while enabling them to take steps toward meeting tomorrow’s supply chain resiliency and reliability challenges.”<\/p>\n

The Gage Zero team, led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zeina El-Azzi, has $10 billion in combined experience deploying innovative, utility-scale clean energy projects around the globe. The company will develop, own and operate the AllianceTexas EV charging hub as part of its network of sites planned throughout the U.S. <\/p>\n

“Hillwood is exactly the type of collaborator Gage Zero wants to work with to fulfill our mission,” El-Azzi said. “As innovators and leaders in our industries, together we can solve the complexity of both land development and electrification for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in a convenient location for fleet customers. Projects like this serve as a blueprint for how fleets across the country can partner with land and clean energy developers to reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals.”<\/p>\n

Last year, Gage Zero announced a commitment of $300 million from ARC Financial Corp.<\/a> to develop charging infrastructure sites for medium- and heavy-duty (M\/HD) electric fleets because of the scale of impact these vehicles have on the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), though they make up less than 5% of vehicles on the road in the United States today, M\/HD fleets account for almost 25% of the transportation sector’s emissions with most of that impact on local communities where those trucks operate.<\/p>\n

About Gage Zero LLC<\/strong><\/p>\n

Gage Zero is a fleet electrification solutions company based in Austin, Texas building a zero-emission future for people and the planet. Our women-led team of clean energy and transportation experts deploys capital, builds reliable infrastructure and provides comprehensive, cost-effective electrification services that benefit commercial transportation operators, enrich communities, and support local economies. We believe industries working together can empower everyone to participate in a cleaner future. Learn more at<\/a>.<\/p>\n

About AllianceTexas<\/strong><\/p>\n

Developed by Hillwood, AllianceTexas is an unparalleled regional success story that has transformed the North Texas economy and connected the area to global industry. Consisting of 27,000 acres, the development is anchored by the world’s first dedicated industrial airport, Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW), and hosts one of the nation’s premier intermodal hubs. Today, AllianceTexas is home to 575 companies that have created more than 66,000 direct jobs and have approximately 58 million square feet of developed commercial real estate assets. The development’s cumulative impact since 1989 is an estimated $120 billion for the North Texas region. For additional information, please visit<\/a>.<\/p>\n

The AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ) spans the 27,000-acre industrial-focused, public-private ecosystem that brings policymakers and industry innovators together to propel surface and air mobility forward. By leveraging its one-of-a-kind infrastructure, the MIZ offers unparalleled resources to comprehensively scale and commercialize the latest logistics and mobility technologies. For more information on the AllianceTexas MIZ and how your organization can be part of this industry-shaping environment, visit<\/a>.<\/p>“}]}],{“id”:12554,”author”:”David Seeley”,”source”:”Dallas Innovates”,”date”:”2024-04-01″,”image”:{“thumbnail”:”6d356067-d3da-440b-a8d6-92ac711d794c.jpg”,”original”:”2ad8e2f0-0ce7-4d9e-ad3c-10684c8d80f3.jpg”,”optimized”:”5dce6c40-b490-4166-974d-379367a1f290.jpg”},”title”:”Over $58M Awarded to Advance Fort Worth Rare Earth Magnet Manufacturing Plant”},[{“id”:12554,”author”:”David Seeley”,”source”:”Dallas Innovates”,”date”:”2024-04-01″,”image”:{“thumbnail”:”6d356067-d3da-440b-a8d6-92ac711d794c.jpg”,”original”:”2ad8e2f0-0ce7-4d9e-ad3c-10684c8d80f3.jpg”,”optimized”:”5dce6c40-b490-4166-974d-379367a1f290.jpg”},”details”:[{“language”:”English – US”,”languageCode”:”en-US”,”title”:”Over $58M Awarded to Advance Fort Worth Rare Earth Magnet Manufacturing Plant”,”article”:”

A rare earth magnet manufacturing plant being built in Fort Worth just got a financial boost to advance its planned delivery of products for General Motors electric vehicles. <\/p>\n

Las Vegas-based MP Materials—which began building the plant in Hillwood’s AllianceTexas development in April 2022—has received a $58.5 million award in the form of a 48C Advanced Energy Project tax credit allocation issued by the IRS and U.S. Treasury Department. The award followed “a competitive, oversubscribed process administered by the Department of Energy that evaluated the technical and commercial viability and environmental and community impact of approximately 250 projects,” MP Materials said.<\/p>\n

The 200,000-square-foot facility will produce neodymium-iron-boron (NdPr) magnets—”the world’s most powerful and efficient permanent magnets,” according to MP Materials. They’re an “indispensable component” used in electric motors and generators in hybrid and electric vehicles, robots, wind turbines, drones, electronics, and defense systems.<\/p>\n

As the world moves further toward electrification, global demand for the magnets is expected to triple by 2035, according to an Adamas Intelligence report.<\/p>\n


Finished magnets to be produced by late 2025<\/strong><\/p>\n

MP Materials said it’s currently producing “magnet precursor materials” in a North American pilot facility. The company expects to begin commercial production of “precursor materials” at the Fort Worth plant this summer and begin producing “finished magnets” by late 2025. Both products will be delivered to General Motors, MP Materials’ “foundational customer,” to support its North American EV production.<\/p>\n

The Fort Worth plant could ultimately power some 500,000 EV motors every year, the company said in 2021.<\/p>\n

MP said it will source the factory’s raw materials from Mountain Pass, California, where the company owns and operates “America’s only scaled and operational rare earth mine and separations facility.” At the factory, NdPr oxide from Mountain Pass will be reduced to NdPr metal and converted to NdFeB alloy and finished magnets—”delivering an end-to-end supply chain with integrated recycling and world-class sustainability,” the company said.<\/p>\n


Addressing a ‘serious national security risk’ with $700M investment<\/strong><\/p>\n

More than 90% of the world’s NdFeB magnets are produced in China, MP Materials noted.<\/p>\n

A Commerce Department investigation found that sintered NdFeB magnets are “required for critical infrastructure” and “irreplaceable in key defense applications,” while noting that the U.S. is “essentially 100% dependent on imports,” leading to what MP Materials summarized as a “serious national security risk.”<\/p>\n

“We’ll bring the supply chain home,” MP Materials CEO James Litinsky said at the plant’s 2022 groundbreaking event. “This is actually the corner of Independence and Liberty, which is very fitting for us to be building a new foundation right here.”<\/p>\n

At that time, MP Materials said it was investing about $700 million over the next two years to fully restore the rare earth magnetics supply chain to the United States. <\/p>\n

“Magnets are synonymous with modern life,” Litinsky said in 2022. “Rare earth magnets are really what will power motion—electric vehicles, wind turbines, drones, robots, air taxis, whatever.”<\/p>\n

The company announced a $35 million DOD heavy rare earth elements contract in February 2022. About that award, Litinsky said that “a multibillion dollar supply chain is not going to happen overnight. It’s going to take capital, it’s going to take perseverance. It requires a real coordination between our upstream and downstream industries.”<\/p>\n

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