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MILWAUKEE, WI, July 15, 2024 — Renaissant, a logistics software company, successfully closed a $5 million Series A funding round led by TitletownTech, with significant participation from Interlock Partners and Venture53. NFI Ventures and Perot Jain also took part in the round. This latest funding will enable Renaissant to accelerate the development and deployment of its cutting-edge logistics management platform.<\/p>\n

Renaissant was founded in 2018 with the mission to empower companies by enhancing their logistics operations through advanced software and data analytics. The company’s workflow platform addresses inefficiencies in operations and enterprise systems by integrating and optimizing warehouse management, transportation management, and driver check-in and -out processes. The platform is revolutionary in its design and drives significant improvements in operational efficiency, enhanced site security, sustainability, and compliance, all while reducing hours of labor required to ship products.<\/p>\n

“This funding highlights the incredible progress we’ve made and the significant market opportunity ahead of us,” said Tom Dean, CEO and Founder of Renaissant. “We are excited to partner with TitletownTech, Interlock Partners, and our great partners to further our mission of transforming logistics operations for our customers.”<\/p>\n

Renaissant has demonstrated strong market traction, helping customers reduce driver dwell times by up to 50% within three months, reducing thousands of hours of wasted time daily, and achieving millions of dollars in cost savings through automated scheduling, faster loading cycle times, and reduced freight theft. The platform’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise IT systems without costly or time-consuming customization makes it an attractive solution for companies looking to improve their logistics operations quickly.<\/p>\n

“Renaissant’s innovative approach to logistics management aligns perfectly with our investment strategy,” said Jeff Williams, Managing Partner at Interlock Partners. “We believe in Renaissant’s vision to automate the gate, yard, and dock and are confident in their ability to lead the logistics software market.” Aaron Brown, Chief of Staff at NFI added, “As a diversified supply chain provider, NFI is committed to enhancing efficiency through innovative software solutions that optimize our warehouse and trucking assets. The NFI Ventures team recognized the opportunity to invest in Renaissant and leverage the data and insights across our operating systems to elevate support to our customers.”<\/p>\n

Renaissant has received praise for its transformative impact on operations. “Our collaboration with Renaissant exemplifies the Perot Jain Alliance model by integrating strategic investment with commercial partnerships,” said Aaron Pierce, Partner at Perot Jain. “This synergy not only enhances operational efficiency but also strengthens the resilience of our customers’ logistics operations here in AllianceTexas through cutting-edge technology,” said Ian Kinne, Director of Logistics Innovation at Hillwood.<\/p>\n

The new capital will be used to enhance the platform, expand customer success, and strengthen its sales and marketing efforts, particularly in regions where the company’s Indirect Source Rule compliance solutions have seen significant demand.<\/p>\n

“Businesses of all kinds understand that they must get more efficient every year to compete and there are very few ways to deploy software today that connects systems in a way that delivers near instant ROI. Renaissant does just that. This is one smart company and we’re proud to support their vision,” said Pat Martin, Founder and General Partner of Venture53.<\/p>\n

“Our customers have achieved remarkable savings and efficiency gains using our platform,” added Tom Dean. “With this investment, we plan to expand our reach and continue to innovate, delivering even greater value to our clients.”<\/p>\n


About Renaissant<\/strong><\/p>\n

 Founded in 2018, Renaissant is a leading logistics software company dedicated to enhancing logistics operations through advanced software and data analytics. Renaissant’s innovative workflow platform integrates and optimizes warehouse management, transportation management, and driver platforms, significantly improving operational efficiency and reducing costs for its clients. See for more information.<\/p>\n


About TitletownTech<\/strong><\/p>\n

Formed in 2019 out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs solving meaningful problems in industries core to Wisconsin and the Midwest. Located in Green Bay’s Titletown, TitletownTech’s unique ecosystem convenes engaged investors, in-residence partners, industry advisors, higher education, and a dedicated team to provide founders with support and guidance tailored to their needs. With investments across six verticals: advanced manufacturing & construction; supply chain & logistics; agriculture, water, & environment; digital health; sports & media; and cross-industry technology, TitletownTech invests in the US and Canada, with a focus on the Midwest. For more information, please visit<\/p>\n


About Interlock Partners<\/strong><\/p>\n

Interlock Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm with offices in Dallas and New York focused on making investments in transformative technology companies.  Interlock is proud to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs with big ideas and bold attitudes who are building category leading companies in areas such as business services, advertising, marketing, financial services, education, human capital, and e-commerce. As seasoned entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, we prefer to back innovators who can leverage the deep expertise of the Interlock team. For more information, please see <\/p>„}]}},{„one“:{„id“:12568,“source“:“Business Facilities“,“date“:“2024-06-27″,“image“:{„thumbnail“:“d5509da3-6f5b-4a96-924e-5cc76ca831ee.jpg“,“original“:“2c859ffb-b0ed-4dc8-88eb-9fa70fe1170f.jpg“,“optimized“:“7e5afeed-c329-40a2-bc78-5047651aebe5.jpg“},“title“:“Top 20th Annual Metro Rankings Report“},“two“:{„id“:12568,“source“:“Business Facilities“,“date“:“2024-06-27″,“image“:{„thumbnail“:“d5509da3-6f5b-4a96-924e-5cc76ca831ee.jpg“,“original“:“2c859ffb-b0ed-4dc8-88eb-9fa70fe1170f.jpg“,“optimized“:“7e5afeed-c329-40a2-bc78-5047651aebe5.jpg“},“details“:[{„language“:“English – US“,“languageCode“:“en-US“,“title“:“Top 20th Annual Metro Rankings Report“,“article“:“

Business Facilities has revealed the top cities and metro regions for a select number of categories in its 20th Annual Rankings Report. Focused on more than 60 factors pertinent to site selection teams for business relocation and expansion investments, these rankings serve as a valuable resource for corporate site selectors and site selection consultants. Comprised of State, Metro, and Global rankings, the 20th Annual Rankings Report will be published in the July\/August 2024 issue of Business Facilities.<\/p>\n


“The annual Metro Rankings Report recognizes the strengths of metros and cities across North America, and our evaluations take into account a broad range of site selection factors. As companies seek the ideal location for their relocation and expansion projects, the 2024 rankings will provide valuable insight for site selection teams,” says Business Facilities Editorial Director Anne Cosgrove.<\/p>\n

The Right Stuff: Tech Talent Leaders<\/strong><\/p>\n

The Business Facilities Tech Talent Leaders rankings showcase the availability of a tech-centric workforce in cities and metro areas across the United States. In this category, size and growth of the talent pool were primary factors, which led to three rankings, divided by size of labor pool.<\/p>\n

The top 5 Tech Talent Leaders with large labor tech pools (100,000 and more)<\/strong> are: San Francisco Bay Area, CA; New York Metro, NY; Washington, DC; Los Angeles\/Orange County, CA; and Dallas\/Fort Worth, TX<\/strong>. Also ranked in the top 10 are: Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; and Denver, CO.<\/p>\n

The Tech Talent Leaders in the mid-sized labor pool (50,000 to 100,000) is topped by: Detroit, MI; Austin, TX; Minneapolis\/St. Paul, MN; San Diego, CA; and Baltimore, MD. Rounding out the list are: Raleigh-Durham, NC; Portland, OR; Charlotte, NC; Salt Lake City, UT; St. Louis, MO; and Tampa, FL.<\/p>\n

Home Base Wins & Space To Make: Corporate Headquarters, Industrial Parks<\/strong><\/p>\n

Based on the number of Corporate Headquarters gains and total number along with the factors that business leaders take into account for a home base, the 10 locations ranked this year represent a wide swath across the U.S.<\/p>\n

Taking the top spot in the magazine’s latest ranking is Austin\/Round Rock, TX with 66 new headquarters between 2018-23. The Top 5 ranked also include San Jose\/Sunnyvale\/Santa Clara, CA; New York City\/Jersey City, NJ\/White Plains, NY; Dallas\/Fort Worth, TX<\/strong>; and Houston\/The Woodlands\/Sugar Land, TX.<\/p>\n

Rounding out the Corporate Headquarters category: Atlanta\/Sandy Springs\/Alpharetta, GA; Chicago\/Naperville\/Evanston, IL; Minneapolis\/St. Paul\/Bloomington, MN; Nashville\/Davidson\/Murfreesboro, TN; and Denver\/Aurora\/Lakewood, CO.<\/p>\n

This year’s Business Facilities’ Industrial Parks ranking<\/strong> focused on size in terms of acreage, then honed in on locations that excel in strategic location, transportation and infrastructure, and amenities. Ranging from 100,000+ acres to close to 2,000, the top ranked parks this year showcase the breadth of options for companies of all sizes. The Top 3 are: Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (Reno\/Sparks, NV); AllianceTexas (Fort Worth, TX)<\/strong>; and TexAmericas Center (Bowie County, TX).<\/p>\n

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