Hair Perfumes to Refresh Uninspired Strands

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Hair almost always looks better two or three days in. And once you’ve achieved perfect beachy waves, that’s more than enough reason to stretch it for just one more day. Dry shampoo can help mask the grease build-up that comes with skipping a wash or two, but it’s hard to ignore environmental odors and grime (think chlorine, sea salt, and, of course, sweat). Enter your new beauty staple: hair perfume, the antidote to refreshing strands and protecting them from future odors with a simple spritz.

„Hair perfume can be used any time your hair needs a little refreshing,“ says expert hair stylist at Colour Collective, Jean-Marie Garayburu. Simply spray and lightly massage the product into the roots and mid-lengths of the hair to infuse the scent. And while Garayburu suggests spraying on damp hair, the perfume works on any style, wet or dry.

Celebrity hairstylist Kristen Shaw is also a fan.“Hair perfume is a great choice for people who love to keep their hair natural with no product, but love their hair to smell good,“ she says. „For those who love or need to use hair product, you can find a scent that balances with your products so they compliment each other.“

So why not just use a regular perfume in your hair? Hair perfumes add a lot more than just a light scent: These mists are specially formulated to be less strong-smelling and drying compared with traditional fragrances. Since hair is far more absorbent than skin, scents tend to last longer. Some iterations even offer moisturizing and frizz-fighting qualities, all the while combating static and adding shine. Not to mention, almost all are enriched with vitamins that help strengthen and protect hair.

„Some people have sensitive skin, so spraying hair perfume is an amazing alternative,“ says Shaw.

Fragrance brands, like Byredo and Tocca, all have hair perfume versions of some of their classic scents at a fraction of the regular price. Likewise, hair care brands, like Oribé, have released their own takes on the product. Still not convinced? Think of hair mist like no-makeup makeup—perfect for that laid-back summer vibe.

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