Louis Vuitton Celebrates Namesake Designer’s 200th Birthday With Innovative Projects

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Fashion is sumptuous and grandiose, it’s no secret. So when it comes to birthdays, especially ones that mark monumental longevity, magnificent gestures shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Louis Vuitton is a behemoth luxury house that has certainly earned its badges in fashion history, and that all started with the eponymous designer himself. To celebrate Vuitton’s birthday and the legacy he left behind, the French label is rolling out an expansive list of innovative projects that will no doubt continue its influence. Here’s what you need to know about Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday extravaganza.

The Louis Vuitton monogram can be recognized anywhere, especially on the house’s travel trunks. On August 4 (Vuitton’s birthday), the house is showcasing the signature piece within its global boutiques, albeit re-imaged by noteworthy “Visionaries” including friends of the house: Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones, Drake, BTS, activist Gloria Steinem, artist Mr. Flower Fantastic, and astrologer Susan Miller. It’s also launching Louis the Game, an interactive app that allows players to collect digitalized accessories, NFTS, and explore the Louis Vuitton world through its main character Vivienne.

Also included on the list of birthday projects will be Louis Vuitton, L’Audacieux, a historically fictional novel written by Caroline Brognard to be released in October, an Apple TV documentary aptly titled Looking for Louis that will follow the life of the designer and begin streaming in December, a triptych designed by American artist Alex Katz, and an LVMH Veuve Clicquot that will make any celebration luxurious.

So whether you want to cozy up with a good read or a new program or virtually relive Vuitton’s footsteps, the house’s expansive birthday project have all areas covered (and of course doing it in style).

To learn more about the house’s commemoration, visit louisvuitton.com.

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