Your Weekly Horoscope For June 26


“If you’re single and like to receive anonymous love letters more than offers of anything concrete, perhaps now is the time to put your commitment problems to bed and stop playing games. If you’re already coupled up, it might be time to start discussing meeting your partner’s family. At work, your boss will offer you an exciting, but daunting new role.”

“Taurus will find that their charm is especially potent this week. For couples, this will bring greater harmony, strengthening your partnership. Work-wise, don’t be too overbearing in explaining your point of view and make sure you have the facts to back up all of your opinions.”

“Summer is the season of love, but it might be time to slow down for single Gemini. Simplicity and knowing what you want is always more attractive. For those already in relationships, your partner might be annoying you because they feel too familiar, but don’t make any rash decisions about breaking up. At the office, put yourself out there; it could lead to an important project.”

“Cancer’s timidity is gone with a new rush of self confidence, but they might not take time to ask necessary questions before rushing into a relationship. Couples will find that they finally have time to spend together—a very welcome fact in an otherwise busy year. Professionally speaking, a new role is in the works for you.”

“This week, Leo has the chance to meet someone that truly stands out from the crowd. If you’re already in a relationship and your partner has accused you of being too self centered, dig deep and engineer a great surprise for them. A top tip: Avoid drinks with coworkers this week, it will only lead to conflict.”

“Unattached Virgos should enjoy their summer to the fullest and not get too caught up on the future of any potential relationship. Coupled Virgo’s might find their partner lazy or unstimulating this week. In the office, you’ll be relied on to play peacemaker and problem solver.”

“Libra’s have the opportunity to begin a great love affair, but only with those they feel close to already. Nothing lasting comes from acting on a whim. Those who are already partnered will be faced with a challenge that will bring them closer together. Professionally speaking, you will get signed on to an inspiring new project.”

“Single Scorpios will finally meet their match in a new lover who has the power to subdue their intensity. Scorpio’s in long-term love will feel that their partner is hiding something. Before you accuse them, bear in mind that what they’re hiding might just be a wonderful surprise.”

“This is a time for socializing—and also the perfect moment to meet a new partner if you’re single. If you’re bored in your relationship, don’t blame your partner. It takes two to keep things interesting. At work, you might be frustrated with the slow progression of your career, but take stock of what you have and be grateful.”

“Capricorns might hear the siren song of a past lover this week, but don’t be tempted to repeat the past. Those in a relationship will have an intensely passionate and satisfying week. Your work might be boring you, but the company will unravel in a way that works out favorably for you very soon.”

“Uncoupled Aquarius’ might meet someone they dislike at first, but then become involved with romantically this week. Those with partners already should bite their tongue: Despite your critical tendencies, being overly honest will only turn your lover away. The work week will go by quickly and easily.”

“Singles will find their appeal at an all time high, so don’t doubt yourself in this powerful cosmic period. Couples might have felt the flame between them had long since been extinguished, but this week it will be reignited to new and dazzling heights. Professionally speaking, you will be recognized for your efficiency.”


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