Vivienne Westwood Saves Venice


Vivienne Westwood is one of few designers who has made revolutionary changes to fashion as we know it. Now, she sets out to use that same determination to invoke real world change.

Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2016 Gold Label show is titled ‚Mirror The World‘ and it’s about saving Venice. „To mirror the world, be beautiful as the world—you must engage with the world,“ the show notes read. Next came a reminder about the great 12th century houses that lined the canals. On the ground floor of each stilted house, that were owned by one wealthy family or another, were luxurious shops where merchants and wealthy travelers came for goods from the East. This moment of prosperity is the reason for one of the greatest flourishing of art and and culture that Venice, and perhaps the world, has ever seen.

There are many ways to honor a place so special and exquisite—why not a runway show? Venice is known for its Carnival celebration and we suspect that some of the elaborate fashion disguises (including hats made by Prudence Millinery for Vivienne Westwood) were an homage to the city’s annual St. Marks square celebration. Hair and makeup too had a dressed-up disguise look to it—at Carnival the rich became poor and the poor became rich for one night. Though not necessarily derived from traditional Venetian style, the genius floral prints came flower pot and all. Elsewhere, in the collection proportions took center stage. Sometimes, the suits appeared to be wearing a model instead of the other way around. The the show’s message is a more urgent one, this collection couldn’t help but make you smile.

To conclude, we’d like to reiterate Ms. Westwood’s announcement: She urges you to join her and her team on their march in London on November 29th: The People’s March for Climate, Justice, and Jobs. „Bring your children, it will be massive. The more people the better the chance to change the world.“


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