Gucci Takes Diverse Casting to a Whole New Level


Gucci has already been applauded for making strides in diversity this month. Its Pre-Fall 2017 Soul Scene campaign starred all black models, a first for the Italian house which had infamously earned “two thumbs down for diversity” in the past, according to influential casting director James Scully. The brand had previously teased the campaign with a series of casting videos posted on Instagram. For its Fall 2017 campaign, Alessandro Michele is following a similar social media initiative. This morning, Gucci posted another series of screen tests for its new ad series starring—wait for it—aliens.

Not to be mistaken for actual extra terrestrials of course, the aliens are models in highly realistic prosthetics and body paint. In the clips they’re seen reciting lines with a casting director, hinting that maybe this could be the house’s first-ever sci-fi film. Titled Gucci and Beyond, the ads are also confirmed to star a 7,000-year-old alien model called Xeod, which means Gucci is making an effort to eradicate ageism in the modeling industry.

In related news, yesterday Alessandro Michele made Time’s list of 100 most influential people. In light of this upcoming campaign, perhaps he’ll soon win the title of most influential person in the galaxy too. Call us crazy, but it’s not an entirely outlandish idea.


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