Carine’s Beauty Trick: Le Sourcil


Makeup artist Angélik Iffennecker has 20 years of experience under her belt. Her work has been seen on the runways of Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent—as well as in print in collaboration with top fashion photographers like Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Jean-Paul Goude. Her beauty expertise knows no limits, but when the time came to launch her own makeup collection, Iffennecker it was all about the brow; She set out to construct the ultimate eyebrow, which required the precise tools and color ways to do it.

What separates Iffennecker’s line from her competitors is her extensive color offering. Her goal is for women to easily find their exact shade, so her panel of shades is “as rich as a hair colorist’s.” Her tailored tools are meant to allow for a complete remodeling of the brow not only using color, but according to their original line and density.
The first step that Angélik’s product offers is to reveal the brow before applying any makeup. The Le Sourcil application brush comes with an ergonomic handle that’s specifically developed for the eyebrow, thanks to its sloping top that enables the perfect gesture: it grooms the brow, following its arch. Angélik has two additional tips here: “To see all clear, brush them the wrong way to reveal the right way and let the line appear.” And, use it to brush your lashes.

The next step is to fill in brows, hair by hair, with a lead pencil that comes in 11 different shades. The pencil’s dry texture ensures that the color will last without having to touch up. Angélik’s advice: “A beauty spot can be created or enhanced with this pencil.”
Lastly, seal all of your prior work with Le Sourcil’s ‘The Fixing Gel.’ This mascara-like gel seals the brow completely, leaving no trace behind. One more tip from Angélik: “You can use the gel itself, without make-up, just to stabilize the eyebrow line.” The final step is to choose your color, which is made easy at


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