Where Fashion’s Key Players Order Flowers Online


One of the perks of working in the fashion industry is that we’re often on the receiving end of designers and public relations managers who like to show their appreciation through exquisite floral arrangements. On some days, our office resembles the interior of a fancy flower shop. The chicest people in the industry know that there’s no better way to say ‘thank you, ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘congratulations’ than with a single bouquet that happens to echo the aesthetic of their personal brand.

It’s this theory exactly that former Tom Ford employees Whitney Bromberg Hawkings and her partner Adam Wilkie used as the foundation for their luxury online floral delivery service. Hawkings served as Tom Ford’s right hand for 19 years, where she met Wilkie who in Ford’s communications department. After seeing the countless blooms coming and going, they arrived at an important conclusion: Why is it that can you buy everything from groceries to a new wardrobe online? But in order to put a fresh bouquet on the table before a dinner party, you have to beat the morning rush at the flower market.

“My partner and I realized that all of the chicest people in the world—including the Goddess, Carine—only buy and send single varietal blooms in abundance,” Hawkings says. “Flowers remained the only thing one couldn’t do easily or chicly online. The rest is history.”

Flowerbx also counts Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, and her former boss Tom Ford as clients. It goes without saying that to attract a customer base on that level, the product has to be extraordinary. Here’s how it works: Flowerbx doesn’t hold any stock, and they only order the flowers that customers order. Consumers then get a delivery that has arrived from Holland that morning. “Our flowers literally cannot be any fresher. As a result, they last lover and provide a great value,” Hawkings explains.

When it comes to arrangements, we happen to know that no two hands are the same. Between the quality of the flowers, to their sleek packaging, and then the hand delivery method, (two handsome men named Jack and James) Flowerbx is quickly cornering what very well may be the only untapped segment of the luxury market. “Similar to a trip to a Tom Ford or a Chanel store anywhere in the world, when one buys or sends Flowerbx flowers, he or she knows that they are buying the best quality flowers in the world and buying into the elegance and consistency of the brand.” After a year of success, Wilkie and Hawkings have plans to open a second location in Paris and other in Munich in 2017.

It is the season of giving, so we asked Hawkings for a tip on how to send a mind-blowing arrangement, also because we think it’s an ideal gift for the person who already has everything. “Simplicity is at the heart of what we do at Flowerbx, and the beauty of our gifts is the purity of the flower. The absence of filler and fussy cellophane lets the flower itself be the star.” But that’s the best part of ordering from Flowerbx.com—all of that will be taken care of for you, in good taste.


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