Meet the Family-Run Leather Goods Line Hidden in the Heart of Paris


Once, there was time when shopping in Paris meant you bought things only found there. During that magical time, one still spent French francs to find the most unique and treasured fashion and beauty items strictly available in the City of Lights. As the world became a shopping mall of sameness, a yearning for that bygone experience inspired Sylvie Véron Hériard Dubreuil to create Verbreuil, a “haute maroquinerie” line of true luxury leather goods.

The name Verbreuil combines both designer Sylvie’s maiden name and married name. It isn’t just the name though that combines family. The brand is a family affair with mother Sylvie at the top leading design and production, daughter Sixtine in charge of the business development and communications for the brand. Son and daughter Pierre and Ariane also pitch in for financial and legal issues respectively in their off-time.

While the brand does participate in some social media practices du jour, their main focus is catering to the luxury traveler who still wants that feeling of discovering a hidden gem. They dial into the notion that you must come to Paris to buy them (though the brand has fulfilled several custom orders from around the world via custom orders). Said the elder Dubreuil a motivating factor to launch the brand was trying to recapture “the charm of discreet luxury.”

Their second store which opened quietly in October 2016, just off Rue St. Honoré at 18bis Rue Saint- Roch, literally shares a wall with the Iglisè Saint Roch or “artists church” on the infamous main shopping drag. Dubreuil chose the former art gallery for its unique shape of a scalene triangle; the version that has three unequal sides. This is a hallmark of the brand signature Le Gare bag.

Dubreuil, who by nature had a keen eye for art and design and a passion to express that, had a unique approach to creating bags. Says daughter Sixtine “Because my mother was not a bag designer, she didn’t approach it with any pre-conceived ideas about what is should look like.” She did however have two things in mind; one that is should sit and conform to the woman’s body just at the waist and that it should be as pleasant to look at from the side, or gusset, of the bag a place that tends to be overlooked in handbag design.

The signature structured Le Gare bag, which takes almost one hundred different pattern pieces, can best be described as geometric poetry. It shapes made from two scalene triangles with an obtuse triangle in between. It is also striking for what it lacks; visible hardware. A semi-cylindrical magnetic top handle glides open with the slickest of moves by pulling the two side up and away from each other. A sleek thin removable and adjustable strap allows for that perfect spot to sit when carrying on the shoulder. Other styles such as Callihours and Tranicq play upon Le Gare but mix it up with a rectangles and a less structured rhomboid-shape respectively.

The bags come in just about any type of leather or exotic skin imaginable and can be made to ordered. They can also be found on the Left Bank at 4 rue de Fleurus. They don’t come cheap – prices range from approximately 60 to 50 for the non-exotic skin styles, after all these are luxury bags. And if you aren’t a Parisian, be sure to include the price of airfare.


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