Monse Maison Spring 2017


The Monse Maison success story is such a good one. Last season, after Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim’s second runway show under their label Monse Maison, we reported on the design duo’s journey post-Oscar de la Renta. But now, they are both back at the house where they were mentored by Oscar himself, and they’ve taken over the lead creative role. There’s few young New York designers who have garnered our attention like Garcia and Kim, so Friday’s collection was a crucial point during the Spring 2017 season.

The first series of looks emphasize the house’s brand D.N.A. with a trifecta of repeating elements: Shirting and suiting has always been part of the plan, and stripes are key—on suiting and evening dresses alike. They’ve taken common ideas that everyone wants to wear, and have twisted into something that you can’t find anywhere else but at Monse. The unspoken thread through it all is effortlessness. “It always has to look easy,” Fernando once told us. They’ve made the case for the off-the-shoulder button down or suit jacket as eveningwear—and it’s working.

This is the first season that followed a main collection with a Resort collection, and some of those ideas were did carry over. Dresses and shirts had a silk scarf-like quality and khaki made an appearance in the form of trench coats along with brilliant pants that were cargo/trench coat hybrids. Monse always gives us something that shines; this season it came in the form of sequins. The rough-cut sequin gowns were stunning and the splattering of slime-like sequins added a cool sci-fi element.

Speaking of sci-fi, the show’s soundtrack featured the theme from the newly popular Netflix show Stranger Things, which is a modern-day Goonies meets E.T. that stars Winona Ryder. It’s possible that Fernando and Laura are simply fans of the show. Or maybe it’s to say how incredibly far they’ve come just in one year—stranger things have happened.


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