That’s Deep: 10 Dark Lipsticks to Get You Through Fall


Even if you’re hardly a rebel, with a simple swipe of a dark lip color you can be an instant badgirl. And there is a veritable fruit bowl of new hues to pick from—plum to black cherry to mulberry—so there’s no shortage of transformative opportunities. To achieve a “tough, femme fatale effect,” makeup artist Nick Barose recommends choosing softer shades with plum and burgundy undertones, rather than the gothy-looking inky black or dark chocolate. “Precision is required because mistakes will be more noticeable,” urges Barose. But don’t be too precise. His preferred sweet spot hovers between “edges that are too sharp, too perfect” and coloring inside the lines. Tracing the border of your mouth with a clear waxy lip pencil (he likes Dior Universal Contour Lip Liner) helps bleeding and feathering. Because these rich shades are susceptible to an unsightly ring, Barose sticks to long-wearing matte or creamy textures and avoids smudge-prone glossy finishes. And toning down the rest of your face can prevents the punk-y colors from appearing too hardcore. Here’s some dark inspiration—and CR-approved color pairings—to get you well on your way.


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