Nomenclature’s Newest Scent is an Ode to 1970s California


Nomenclature, the cult beauty fragrance house that designs scents around one particular molecule, launches its newest fragrance, Holy_Wood, which hits stores today. The perfume is a nostalgic tribute to 1970s California, reminiscent of the New Age spiritual awakening of the era and the creative explosion of the New Hollywood cinema movement. Developed by master perfumer Frank Voelkl, the fragrance uses cutting-edge materials to create a luminous, modern version of the scent of that decade: rose and patchouli.

“Hollywood in the ‘70s was all about patchouli, and this fragrance is basically a spin on a new innovation to make a new kind of patchouli, reminiscent of that decade but more modernized,” says Karl Bradl, a perfume designer and one half of the design duo behind Nomenclature (the other is his partner, Carlos Quintero, who originated the boldly modernistic concept of the brand.) “We’ve added suede and pepper so that the fragrance is fresh at the beginning, almost like a fine champagne, and then it turns into a leathery rose patchouli.”

Shorn of its musty facets, this new rose patchouli formulation reincarnates as the ethereal Clearwood molecule. Two years in the making from start to finish, the fragrance boasts notes of pink pepper, while an airy capture of a few floral scents breathes life into the more classic. Bulgarian rose and jasmine sambac add a touch of golden-age Hollywood glamour to this streamlined blend before the scent finishes on a bed of sandalwood and luxurious suede notes.

Beauty and science are always at odds in today’s world of fast fashion, but Nomenclature, it seems, has found a way for the two to co-exist peacefully. “Scientists design these outstanding molecules as elegant solutions to very practical problems: to find a compassionate equivalent to musk, an ecological substitute for sandalwood or a cost-efficient alternative to ambergris, for example,” says Quintero. “And I fell in love with the idea of celebrating design in fragrance chemistry.”

And there you have it. Nomenclature has once again showcased its complex facets through a series of sheer and streamlined compositions, demonstrating that these man-made hybrids of poetry and science have a beauty all on their own. And in the case of Holy_wood, the beauty of old world glamour mixed with modernity.

Nomenclature Holy_wood is available today online.


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