Every Look From Celine Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear

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Perhaps Heidi Slimane’s best work to date, “Cosmic Cruiser” was a show not only for fashion lovers, but for bikers, rockstars, and adventurers. Imaginative, daring, and captivating, “Cosmic Cruiser” invited 14 artists to participate in the form of cosmic cruiser editions, and it took place on the on the Grand Gaou Island.

If the marvelous Mediterranean setting was not enough, the show utilizes FMK riders from the team FMX4EVER biking around the grounds prior to the real show beginning. After all of that razzle-dazzle, the first look drops and the real adventure begins.

Set to the soundtrack of Izzy Camina’s “Up N Down,” which references a fully adorned top-down look, the cast struts down the stage, in their too cool for school attire. From space-aged reflective sunglasses, to sparkly black vests, black leather pants, and black boots, the collection seems to harken back to those nostalgic teenage years, and it releases anyone’s inner ‘70s glam rockstar. However, the nostalgic youth aura is fused with a sense of sophistication that comes through by way of an array of suits. There are suits with worded lettering, suits with sequins, and suits with Hawaiian prints. Though every look was an “A rated” performance in itself, the rhinestone vest was hall of fame material, and definitely played a key role in the show. While the clothing is meticulously crafted, it manages to also feel moldable and like it can be worn under any setting and for any activity.

The “Cosmic Cruise” collection feels like a much needed release from the hum-drum of daily life – matured craziness, some might say.

Check out the select looks below.

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