Every Look From Fendi Men’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

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Who is in need of a long overdue vacation? Well the Fendi headquarters inside the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana provide us with a Pinterest worthy dream vacation view. After seeing the Fendi Men’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, we want a two week stay, (or maybe even more), at the Fendi headquarters.

The Fendi headquarters rest inside the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana and overlooks a 360° vista towards the seven hills of Rome, the Apennine mountains, and glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, the collection is inspired by what it means to watch the world from above. The transient skies and spring flora inspire a subtle palette. Each look is informed by the Roman hinterland where linen silk suiting, jacquard denim, plush crochet tees, and intarsia shearling act as an omnipresent force that captures our eye and transports us away from the humdrum of everyday life.

Artistic director of Fendi accessories and Menswear Silvia Venturini Fendi, stated that “How you see things – and from where you see them – has never been more important.” So, for this collection Fendi aimed to use the Roman topography as a focal point. To do so, Fendi went back to their archives–using an illustrated map of Rome, and declared it Fendi land. Each look of this collection is designed with the heights of Fendi craftsmanship and also subverts everyday objects; it feels like something out of a fantasy.

With summer wool and denim suits, cropped jackets, and multi-pocketed shorts that drop beneath hemlines, these pieces have us dreaming of the high life and what it means to exist outside of the everyday world. It takes us out of our obligations, our jobs, and leads us to imagine a whole new life for ourselves.

In fact, a favorite look from the collection uses swim goggles as statement sunglasses, which perfectly captures the view and imaginative essence of these pieces.

Check out all of the looks from the Fendi Men’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection.

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