Your Weekly Horoscope for March 18th

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Everything is possible this week and an attraction to a new date is mutual. Let go of overthinking, because love is in the works for you. As for those already in relationships, Aquarius will fully promote conversation between you two, so if you have something to say, now is the right time. Professionally, it’s not always easy to communicate with colleagues, so keep your chin high until the tension passes.


Singles, don’t be afraid to make a move if you want to advance in your dating life. Otherwise, you risk stagnating. For couples, you sometimes worry too much about pleasing your other half and you have a habit of forgetting yourself. Career-wise, you’ve been promised a promotion, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet. Be sure to make your desires loud and clear.


Singles, love is waiting for you. Going on trips and outings will make that connection happen even faster. As for those already with partners, you’ve been asking your significant other to solve a problem for some time now. Fret not, because it will happen soon. Professionally, receiving appreciation at work will encourage you to put your best foot forward.


Right now, you are craving a great deal of attention, but if you stay isolated at home, you might miss out completely. As for those already in relationships, you want to focus on different projects at home. The combination of the Sun and Mercury will stimulate your creativity and also your responsiveness. You know how to seize all good opportunities.


Singles, don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t being clear about their feelings—especially when there’s someone else interested in you. As for couples, a glass of wine will calm things down between you and your darling. Otherwise, a clash is definitely possible in the near future. Professionally, you are very financially minded, so don’t be manipulated by someone who wants to sell you short on a deal or contract.


Stop stirring the pot unnecessarily. If you like someone, just go for it, or else you’ll regret missing out on the chance. As for those already with partners, a common misunderstanding between you two has made the atmosphere unstable at home. At work, to move forward with your projects, you must put in as much effort as possible.


Singles are reasonable; all they’re asking for is the possibility of love. But don’t ask for the moon, as perfection is impossible to attain. For those already in relationships, you want your other half to be passionate and jump through hoops to please you, but maybe he or she also comes on too strong. Professionally, success is in your near future. All you need is patience and a little luck.


It’s quite possible that a good friend will introduce you to your perfect match. For him or her, it’s certain that you’re the right one. As for couples, you’re doing everything in your power to make your home life as attractive as possible in order to seduce your lover. Setbacks at work sometimes discourage you, but try to get past them without dwelling too much.


Singles, try to be open-minded to different outings and unexpected trips. You never know when love will find you. As for those already with partners, love is good between you two and you’re looking forward to growing the relationship further. Professionally, some complications may arise, but don’t wait to solve everything.


You’ve lowered your expectations for your ideal suitor. All it will take is time for you to find a great romantic partner. For those already in relationships, you’re not always easy to please, but your partner loves you exactly as you are. A new burst of concentration and motivation will help you a lot at work, but make sure you don’t get distracted.


Singles, make good on your dates this week. Even though someone might not seem interesting at first, you’ll never know until you give him or her a fair shot. For couples, you don’t have much time for your significant other, so any spare attention you can give is greatly appreciated. Professionally, you don’t want jealousy between co-workers to fester. Be as diplomatic and discreet as possible with your successes.


A friend finds you very attractive and alluring. Don’t deprive yourself; friendship and love often are not too far from each other. As for those already in relationships, by multiplying the ongoing projects between you two, it’s clear that you and your partner make a great team. With the combination of Capricorn and Pluto, a promotion is just on the horizon.

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