Your Weekly Horoscope for January 7th

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Singles are overwhelmed at the beginning of the year by professional obligations, making it difficult to look for love. Rest assured everything will come on its own time. For those already in relationships, the arrival of Mars will allow you to celebrate a very exciting event soon. Professionally, Mars will also help you apply your New Year’s resolutions at work, leading to great success.


Admiring glances from strangers will give you renewed confidence in the new year. You’re back at your place at the top! As for couples, there’s harmony between you two, and your companion fills you with joy. Career-wise, you have ended the year on a great note and suddenly have momentum in 2019.


Singles should accept every social invitation that comes their way as it could lead to a potential date. As for those already with partners, it would be nice to start the year off with a strong bond. Don’t be afraid to spice up your life! Professionally, you need to put as much effort as possible into work in order to achieve your goals in the new year and also improve your income.


It will take some time to stop thinking that love is not for you. That mindset isolates you, and it’s just not reality. For those already in relationships, you’re still feeling overwhelmed in January by unresolved family matters. Professionally, it will be necessary to defend your projects at work to someone who wants to outshine you. Don’t be afraid to bump a few elbows in order to remedy the injustice.


Singles, your resolution for the new year should be to ditch your ex for good. Don’t repeat the same mistakes if you want to give yourself a chance at love. For those already with partners, don’t start off the year by continuing the bad atmosphere from 2018. You will also want to try your best to evolve at work this year and improve your career.


You have to take your romantic setbacks with a grain of salt. Singles need to keep their heads up and keep hoping for love. As for those already in relationships, your partner is basking in your love, and that’s as much as you can ask for. What’s more, the routine you two share is great. Professionally, new doors will open for you in the new year.


Singles are feeling especially positive in the new year. While the past has been hard, the future is uncertain and bright. In the meantime, enjoy the present. As for those already with partners, your resolution for 2019 should be to pamper your loved ones, especially your darling. You should also try to communicate clearly with everyone at work, as the effects of Mercury allow you to approach influential people and get your ideas across.


If you’ve met a new person, use that to your advantage as much as possible and thrive off of the passion. For couples, you haven’t been feeling great with your significant other for some time, but the new year will be very promising for you two. Professionally, try to make progress in all of your projects at work. It will save you a lot of time and effort later on.


Singles have all of the happiness in the world and are surrounded by love, even if it’s not in the romantic sense. People are looking after you, and it should pay off soon. As for those already with partners, you do everything you can to improve your lover’s life, but is he or she reciprocating? Career-wise, the year has started off slowly, but be prepared for an increased workload.


Singles suddenly believe in the prospect of true love. It will all end well for you! As for those already in relationships, you are feeling more in love than ever and will start the year on top. Professionally, your team is moving more slowly than usual, but try not to grow resentful. Let them know they have to pick up the pace soon.


You believe strongly in love and every date you go on is great, but as soon as you lose that spark, you feel discouraged. Don’t give up so soon. As for couples, your worries prevent you from appreciating your partner’s sweet words. Too bad, because he or she wants to praise you. At work, the seeds you sowed last year will finally bring back rewards.


Singles are working hard to be social and put themselves out there as much as people. Don’t refuse any social invitation—start the year off ready to find love. As for those already in relationships, your partner is ready for the next step and will continue to make sacrifices for you. Money will also motivate you in 2019 to be as successful as possible.

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