Your Weekly Horoscope for December 24th

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Singles like to trust only their instincts, but their first impressions can be mistaken. Don’t turn your back on possibilities to find love. As for those already in relationships, stop looking for criticism and flaws where there aren’t any, or you risk displeasing your significant other. Professionally, you’ll end the year on top and make a great demonstration of your talents. Bravo!


Singles are a joy to be around, thanks to their charm. A new date could be in your future. For couples, everything between you is going well so you’ve decided to involve each other’s families for the holidays. You’re looking forward to just celebrating Christmas together. Professionally, you’ll have to amp up your work efforts for the holiday season.


You like to just go with the flow and prefer to remain silent rather than initiate anything with potential dates. The result won’t be long-lasting love, so you should work hard to reverse that. As for those already with partners, try not to throw more oil on the fire and act as sweetly as possible instead. Career-wise, try to organize yourself better for next year. The best way to accomplish your task is to not try to take on too much at once.


At the end of the year, singles should try to make the right choices, believe in those who love you, and stay away from people who pollute you. As for those already in relationships, you’ve decided to forget about all of your worries. Being driven by optimism will move your relationship forward, which your other half love. Professionally, you’re stressed because you want to complete everything before 2019.


Singles are still clinging to the past, even though it won’t allow them to move on with their love lives. It’s soon a new year, so try to embrace new connections! As for couples, reuniting with your family for the holidays is a real headache, but don’t expect your significant other to be a huge help. The end of the year is also a time of glory, work-wise.


You’re full of life and take pleasure in whatever that is, whether that be love, friendship, or simply fun. As for those already with partners, nothing is wrong in your relationship for once, so you’ll end the year on a serene note. Professionally, you like to work as a team, but don’t like working under anyone. A little diplomacy could do you some good.


Singles, there isn’t too much romantic love for you at the end of the year, but fortunately, real friendships will lift you up and give you a morale boost. As for those already in relationships, you’re determined not to take the lead in the conflicts, and that will diffuse any tension. Thanks to your strong relationships at work, you’ll start the new year on a strong note.


No need to pinch yourself to believe it. A new romantic connection could change your life, so don’t hesitate and just go for it. For couples, you feel loved, and suddenly everything seems possible as far as your dreams go. Professionally, if your collaborators don’t agree with you, try to be as diplomatic as possible.


Singles love to help someone who needs it in kindness and friendliness, but don’t forget your own desires. For those already with partners, you need to try harder to boost the morale of your significant other. A person with great influence also has the potential to change your destiny and career.


Friendships can push you to think and perceive yourself differently. This could help singles greatly for future love. As for those already in relationships, your other half is the mainstay of your life. In his or her arms, you feel more safe and energized than ever. Professionally, the boredom at work has inspired you to seek new opportunities. This might be the year you experience a huge leap forward.


Singles, you finally know what you want when it comes to love. Even if you have to force fate, sometimes you need a push to get everything that you want. As for couples, the whole family is completely relying on you and that makes you feel tired and overwhelmed. Don’t hesitate to knock on all doors for career opportunities. Now is the right time to propose a new project.


A new potential lover seemed perfect at first, but singles find that he or she is lacking in manners instead of charm. Keep looking for the right one! For those already with partners, it’s OK if your other half has plenty of flaws, but make sure to acknowledge your own before you get upset. Professionally, your boss will ask to meet soon, but try not to worry too much. There may be good news waiting for you in the new year.

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