Your Weekly Horoscope for December 17th

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Meeting someone special is completely possible, but it’s not fate that you need to count on. Don’t rush too quickly into a new relationship—consider all your options before settling on one person. As for those already in relationships, things have gradually cooled down between you two, but be sure not to look at his or her flaws under a microscope or else the atmosphere might be tense around the holidays. Professionally, your ideas are not always unanimously agreed upon, but you still want to persist.


Singles want to find joy in their lives and welcome change because they might still be hung up over their last ex. For couples, you two seem to be in your own world together and will have a lot of fun over the holidays going to parties and social gatherings. Career-wise, Mercury will be in Scorpio until the middle of the week, pushing you to work overtime to get everything done.


You’re spending this week just focusing on yourself, and as a result, you aren’t seeing all of the good traits in potential partners. You’re questioning their personalities and if there is a long-term potential. As for those already with partners, the tension has gone up in your relationship, but you’ll soon get over the crisis closer to the holidays. Professionally, your co-workers admire you for your values and ability to get everything done in a timely fashion.


Singles have a calendar full of social invitations, so why not take the opportunity to look for a potential soul mate? As for those already in relationships, now is the time to pamper your darling and manage everything at home. Your good reputation at work will earn you respect among your peers, and you might even get asked to work on an ambitious project. You’ll end the year at the top!


Rather than fantasizing about your past loves, remember why you left them in the first place. You shouldn’t start 2019 with nostalgia, but a commitment to find someone new. For couples, feelings are strong between you two, but for some reason, you have difficulty expressing it. You want to protect yourself from getting hurt but have no basis for that fear. Professionally, the association between Jupiter and Mercury will make you twice as convincing at work. You’ll triumph at anything you attempt.


You have no problem going on dates and mingling with new people, but falling in love is a completely different matter. It’s time to do some self-reflecting, especially when your suitors are perfectly fine. As for those already with partners, your other half is full of laughter and hugs before the holidays. Enjoy all of the pleasantries while you can. You also aren’t feeling motivated at all for work, but know that it’s normal just before the holidays.


Singles have to stop worrying about finding „the one“ and just enjoy the pleasures of romance. Let it go and everything will be fine. As for those already in relationships, you’re happy due to spending family events together. Professionally, a change in your job is possible for the beginning of the year. Don’t give up hope just yet.


The duo of Venus and Mars will may bring you unexpected love at first sight. For couples, you’ve made plenty of plans to work on a real estate project together or embark on a new trip. You also have a lot of work to do, but your recent efforts are definitely paying off.


Singles, you’re spending too much time pampering others and not enough on yourself. Don’t forget that your needs are also important. As for those already with partners, you’re caught up in the worries of your other half. Professionally, don’t interfere in a project at work that seems a little shady or unreliable. Your efforts might backfire!


You sometimes overthink and take things too seriously. Even though dating a friend is generally ill-advised, if the feelings are there, why not? As for those already in relationships, your lover will try to make your life easier to the best of his or her ability, especially if you’re in charge of taking care of Christmas Eve. Your expertise at work will also make all the difference at work this week.


Don’t put that much thought into love this week. If a potential suitor does not decide if he or she wants to be with you, then walk the other way! For those already with partners, stop feeling constantly on-edge and try to enjoy the relationship for all of its positive traits. Professionally, you have everything in your power to work effectively at work just before the holiday break.


Singles are allowed to feel disappointed after a few promising dates turned out to be for nothing. Don’t be discouraged because love is just around the corner. For couples, you feel inseparable from your partner, and every time you two fight, you try not to jump to conclusions. Professionally, don’t give up on your promotion or role change so quickly. Have more confidence in your abilities in order to succeed.

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