Your Weekly Horoscope for October 8th



Singles are continuing to question their romantic status and why they’re still alone. It’s not easy to do, but it’ll fare better in the long-run if they’re honest with themselves about their faults. As for those already in relationships, stop your fear of the future and your uncertainty from ruining what you already have in the present. Professionally, you should look over your contracts at work and learn the art of compromise if you want everything to go well.


You’re continuing to go out as much as possible because you’re holding out the hope that you’ll meet the love of your life. Just make sure you take everything into consideration before you commit to a single person. As for couples, it’s hard to make a relationship work once you’ve settled into a routine but try to reinvigorate the passion in the bedroom! Career-wise, you should stand up for yourself but make sure you don’t oppose your boss at full force.


Singles are feeling more positive and upbeat after a fantastic few dates! They feel like they might fall in love soon, but don’t just settle for just anyone. For those already with partners, your only priority should be to have as much fun as possible and not to question your relationship too much. Your co-workers also rely on you a lot and can’t seem to make a decision without consulting you first.


You’re afraid and suspicious of any new suitor because you’re like a scalded cat afraid of cold water. Don’t let getting hurt in the past ruin a potential romance. As for those already in relationships, you have trouble believing your sweetheart, but he or she always tries to do right by you! At work, you’ve been getting frustrated because it seems like your boss asks you to complete tasks that don’t even really matter.


Singles are starting to get enough of having their close friends and family around. The camaraderie is great but you’re getting tired of them always staying over at your apartment. It isn’t conducive to your love life! For those already with partners, your darling fulfills all of your desires and it leaves you especially happy. Professionally, you should try to mix tact with persuasion if you want to convince your team to go in your direction.


You tend to fall very quickly for other people and catch feelings without thinking too much if this is the right match for you. Sometimes it’s best to just sail towards happiness. For couples, if there’s a misunderstanding between you two, resolve the problem as quickly as possible or risk going around in circles for nothing. You also take pride in your sense of organization at work but be sure not to micromanage everyone else at your company.


Singles need to find the balance between casual dating without developing any feelings or committing right away. There’s a happy medium that you absolutely must find. As for those already with partners, don’t play with jealous or possessiveness as a way to prove your love. Tolerate any obstacles in the relationship and your love will thrive. Professionally, your business sense does your career wonders so don’t skip out on any meetings anytime soon.


You’re sometimes overwhelmed by the fantasy of perfection and true love that you feel frustrated if reality doesn’t match up to fiction. For couples, you’ve finally entered a phase in your relationship in which you require little validation. Career-wise, don’t make any hasty moves before considering all of your future goals.


Singles are living this week like it’s their last. You know something great is on the horizon, but you have no problem being patient and waiting for love to find you. For those already in relationships, you’re looking forward to a little getaway so you can both relax. There’s also a possibly of a new contract at work and Mercury will open up more opportunities for you.


You’re in a good place to find love, but you still have a few hang-ups from the past. Don’t turn your back on romance just because you’ve been burned before. For those already with partners, an exciting project will bring you two closer than ever. It’ll shake up your routine and be healthy for your relationship. Professionally, you’re learning some new skills at work, but don’t back down because it’s a challenge.


Singles don’t want any advice when it comes to their love lives. If they think that they have it all figured out, they don’t need any input from friends or family! For couples, you’re feeling a bit jaded on a daily basis and seem to find criticism in everything your partner says. A few upcoming projects at work are so important to you that you don’t seem to want to leave the work in the office. However, it’s the only way to succeed.


Even if it’s not easy, patience can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making a real relationship flourish. Don’t be in a hurry and commit to the first person you meet. For those already in relationships, your love has only grown as of late and your great sense of listening has brought you close. Professionally, getting your finances in order motivates you to work even harder. Seize any opportunity you can to fill your bank account.


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