Your Weekly Horoscope for July 30th

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Singles keep meeting new interesting people every chance they get, but you are quick to point out the smallest flaw. You’ll never find true love with that negative mindset! As for those already in relationships, you’re so happy to be on vacation together that you’re pretty much attached at the hip and can’t imagine spending time apart. Professionally, don’t pay any attention to the rumors at work this week and stay true to your course.


You feel a little stalled this week and should focus primarily on yourself before moving forward romantically with someone else. For couples, you’re beginning to mix friendship and romance in your relationship and your partner wants to fulfill your needs in any way he or she can. You’ll also get a little more freedom this week to pitch your new ideas and make a few more requests at work.


There is disappointment in your future this week. After striking up a connection with a new lover and taking a risk by planning a last-minute trip, he or she ends up canceling before the weekend. Think through everything clearly and check to see if the reason is legitimate before you break things off. As for those already with partners, Mercury is in retrograde and in Leo, so you might have to change your plans and compromise on your habits to make sure things go smoothly. Everything is going well at work this week so enjoy and relax.


Singles are going from elation to disappointment without any warning or specific reason. Before giving into your mood swings, take a step back! As for those already in relationships, try to take everything in stride and plan some fun activities for you and your darling to do together. It’ll put you in a great mood to have something to look forward to. Professionally, the more effort you put in at work, the more you realize that you’re doing a thorough and amazing job.


You’re happy with whoever tries to woo you! On the other hand, you want dating to be done with elegance; gone are the days where you accepted any date that came your way. For couples, you’re getting annoyed with having to plan everything for you and your partner. It’s helpful to be organized and amenable, but it can’t always fall on your shoulders. If there’s a dispute at work this week, try to play the peacekeeper in order to ensure a harmonious professional environment.


Singles won’t be able to count on being alone for long. You’re giving yourself ample opportunity to meet new people and among them, one will truly stand out to you. As for those already with partners, you’re on the cusp of a really big life change and this will inspire y0u to plan your life more diligently. You’ll also love work this week and won’t feel like it’s dragging along, even though your mind is still on the upcoming summer holidays.


You’ve finally agreed to go on a relaxing family vacation, which will give you a chance to unwind. For those already in relationships, your partner will ask you to make a decision this week and you might not like the question, but it’s necessary in order to move your relationship forward! Professionally, you’ll find a solution to a problem that has been bothering you at work for some time now.


All of the extra attention you’ve been getting makes you feel wonderful. You can hardly keep up with all of the suitors and can choose whoever you want. As for couples, you’re confident that all of the time you’ve been spending with your partner on vacation will bring you two closer than ever. You’ll also have a chance to unleash your creative side at work this week and develop some new ideas.


Singles have all of the energy and motivation they could need. With Mercury in retrograde, why not channel all of that inspiration into a cross-country trip and sight-seeing? For those already with partners, you’ve made a huge decision to make a major real estate purchase soon. You’ll also have some new opportunities at work this week. Be sure to think very carefully before you act on your emotions!


Play it cool and if love comes to you, all the better, but you don’t lift a finger to make it happen! As for those already in relationships, everything is going well between you two, but one wrong word can annoy you for no real reason. Fortunately, any misunderstanding can be resolved through affection and love. Professionally, good news and a combination of circumstances will allow you to earn more money in September.


Singles can’t seem to stop themselves this summer. They see the world and especially new people in a different light. If you can’t seem to find love, there will be friendship in the air. For couples, your loved ones and your family are happy to spend time with you on vacation, but you find yourself getting frustrated because of small problems. Take a minute to relax and think about the bigger picture. If your vacation is already over, be sure to put in the extra effort at work this week!


You’re likely to find a rare suitor in the most unlikely of places. Accept all invitations to go out and try to venture from your usual comfort zone to meet new people. As for those already with partners, take a vacation with your significant other to solidify your relationship after a long period without spending time together. You’ve also been taking the initiative more frequently at work and all of your effort will produce excellent results. It’s encouraging for the future of your career.

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