Your Weekly Horoscope for July 23rd

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Singles may be forced to spend extra time with family and won’t have a moment to spare for their love lives. It’s not always the most exciting but at least you can relax! For those already in relationships, you do everything in your power to keep the spark alive and your other half appreciates it greatly. He or she really enjoys your hosting skills and your knack for planning a fun party. Professionally, despite the lack of funds and resources at your company, you will make the most out of the situation.


Never back out of a social invitation or summer outing. Enjoy all of the positivity and fun moments with your friends. The main point is not to spend too much time by yourself! As for couples, your partner always counts on you to plan out activities for you to do together, but you would love it if he or she would also pitch in! At work this week, you will have a huge decision to make when you are given a new job offer and asked if you can start right away.


You have every ability to find happiness and love, so it comes as a huge surprise that you don’t know whether to pursue a potential relationship or not. As for those already with couples, Mercury will cause your charisma to work wonders this week and your lover will be fully under your spell! Before embarking on a new project, make sure that you’re completely prepared for anything headed your way.


The sun and warm weather will boost your morale and the presence of your loved ones will keep a smile on your face. That’s all you need to spend a summer in serenity! As for those already in relationships, after a difficult period in which neither of your schedules lined up, you finally have some free time for a relaxing vacation! Advancing in your career will take more motivation so your best bet is to throw all of your effort into your job after the summer holiday.


You’re taking your single status as positively as possible by organizing parties and striking up connections with new people. As for couples, everything has been distracting as of late so it isn’t such a bad idea for the two of you to take a trip together. Professionally, you might be asked to form a new team soon that will provide you a lot of assistance. Your life couldn’t be better!


Forging a serious relationship isn’t in the stars for you right now so have fun with all of the very seductive encounters that have been coming your way! Even if it’s not for life, you’re still allowed to have a little fun. For those already with partners, you’ve been doing everything in your power to plan a vacation and renew your love. You also didn’t think you’d get too much on your plate since you have an upcoming vacation planned. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you feel overwhelmed!


Think of being single as a way to relax and enjoy the summer break rather than struggling to meet someone special. Sometimes a lull is all you need to get yourself back in the game. As for those already in relationships, you finally have complete confidence in your ability to form a long-lasting, serious relationship with your partner. Professionally, Mercury will give you the strength this week to convince your detractors at work that you have all the right ideas.


Singles who are really looking for their soul mate is looking at every romantic connection with the potential for long-lasting love. Who knows? A great encounter could lead to a real future. For couples, you’ve recently asked your partner to take some initiative and spice up the relationship. You’re also going to continue working on a project that has been in-progress for months, but you’re feeling so tired as of late! You might have to ask your boss if you can work on it after the holiday.


Dream about what you want from life in general and not just about love. You have plenty of time to find someone to spend your time with; now is the period to concentrate just on yourself. As for those already with partners, Mercury will facilitate the conversation between you and your significant other and finally, you’ll both be on the same page. You’ll also have a minor dispute at work this week that you’ll have to settle before going on vacation, especially if it concerns your finances.


Cupid has unleashed his arrow and someone special has definitely caught your attention! Finally you’ll be rewarded for all of your patience and the month of August looks great for you romance-wise. For those already in relationships, there will finally be tranquility between you and your partner after a period of conflict and turbulence. Going on a holiday together will definitely ease tensions in your relationship. Don’t hesitate to try to negotiate for a higher salary at work, especially if you’re considering a higher paying job.


Don’t count on being lonely for too long. An unexpected encounter this week will have you looking at an old friend in a different light. As for couples, life is so beautiful because you can’t help but bask in the joy of being with your partner. Spending some extra time together will leave you in such high spirits. You’ll also have to start over in some way when it comes to your career, especially because you’re thinking about pivoting to a different job.


You have such a huge need for love that you fill all of your time with meeting new people. Among the new singles you’ve met could be the love of your life. As for those already in relationships, new family obligations will force you to work your significant other around your schedule. Don’t take it out on your other half just because he or she wants more time with you! You’ll have a relatively calm period at work this week. Because it’s right before the holidays, there isn’t much for you to do around the office!

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