Every Look from The Blonds Spring/Summer 2022


The Blonds have never been ones to be limited by tradition. Fearless duo Philippe and David Blond couldn’t be further from orthodox, which is why it came as no surprise that the design pair chose to debut their Spring/Summer 2022 collection at the intimate Paradise Club at the Times Square EDITION instead of closing out NYFW at Spring Studios where most shows were held. Lion Babe and Bodine crooned into microphones in shimmering ensembles while a projection of the brand’s logo spun against a galaxy backdrop, and models emerged against a classic cabaret-style red velvet background, strutting not just in front of but through a late-night fashion crowd (many of which had already been supplied with a martini or two).

The lighting was dimmed, all the better to showcase The Blonds’ Spring/Summer collection as the order of the evening was deemed “Cosmic Glamour” by the designers themselves. Not sure what that means? Look no further than Paris Hilton, dripping in a luxe, galactic creation of draped purple sequins. Gigi Gorgeous also walked the runway in a metallic silver mini, with corset-inspired cutout detailing on a futuristic bodice.

Armor seemed to be a source of inspiration for the duo, with a playful focus on high-fantasy costuming and sci-fi motifs. Amazonian models were battle-ready in sculpted, metallic cuffs and breastplate jewelry, wearing pieces that looked like feasible substitutes for space-age armor until you notice that glitter Louboutin booties might not be the easiest choice of footwear to run (or moonwalk) around in.

The element of mercury served as a source of design inspiration for Philippe and David Blond, both in its literal scientific form (commonly known as quicksilver) and in reference to the mercurial state of time and space. The dripping lamé fabrics and the metallics of the runway beauty paid homage to the element, with makeup looks ranging from bleached brows and iron lips to celestial suns and pointed elf ears. It’s an artistic interpretation of space-travel and futuristic sartorialism, a category that exists not for accuracy or prediction but rather to immortalize our current ideas of what the future of the galaxy might hold. The Blonds have thrown their figurative hats into the ring, landing in a world (and beyond!) of their own.

Check out every look from The Blonds Spring/Summer 2022 below.


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