Every Look From Fendi Spring/Summer 2022

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For his second ready-to-wear show and first ever live show with Fendi, Artistic Director, Kim Jones ushers the glamour of disco down the runway with the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Inclusivity, liberation, and merely fun lace through the show. “Our woman has let loose a bit — she’s going out, dressing up. We’ve all been locked away for so long that I think that’s what we all need right now,” said Jones.

Jones route inspiration for this seasons designs came from a sketch of the brand logo dug from the archives by fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. Utilized throughout, re-envisioned versions of Lopez’s brushstrokes embellish flowing, silky garments, floral drawings inspire enamel hair accessories as well as figurative drawings convert into leathers and laces, in collaboration with the The Estate and Archive of Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos. “While I’ve been looking at Karl’s legacy at the house, I’ve also been looking around him, at his contemporaries — at who he was interested in,” explained Jones. “Lopez was a friend of Karl’s, and has always been someone who inspired me. He was forward thinking; inclusive; looked up to by everyone from Andy Warhol to Steven Meisel and David Hockney. I wanted to introduce him to a new generation.”

The show starts with tailored suits and exaggerated lapels paired with wide leg pants, accompanied by flowing flower child-era kaftans.As the show progressed, funky upbeat music setting the tone, more color was introduced with pale pinks and mustard yellows in fur coats and satin suits with with pale pinks and mustard yellows in fur coats and satin suits with matching bra tops. Body hugging lace in blacks and browns toying with a darkening of color palette follows.

Shapes and styles from Fendi pop up in the collection with new, fresh twists. The Fendi First bag, usually seen in neutral leathers, makes a bold statement with warm tones bright lines.The house’s iconic Bagette bag is woven into a rainbow pattern. The Fendi First heel embodies the 70s encrusted in resin and reinvented in shiny leathers and daring stripes.

The show feels like a celebration or a Studio 54 party, in the spirit of Lopez and the women he used to draw inspiration from such as Jerry Hall, Tina Chow, Pat Cleveland, Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones. With this spring/summer collection, Jones highlights the beauty female confidence, noting that his vision for Fendi is “multi-generational.”

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