Every Look From Matty Bovan Spring/Summer 2022


Being trapped inside without normal every day social engagement lead to many divergents of art and reality this year. Matty Bovan’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, “Hypercraft,” explores being stuck in a fantastical, doll-like, interior world, personal and unique to him. The Woolmark Prize winner styled cover girl Lara Stone for CR 19 in his own work.

Crafting is at the center of it all, each piece meticulously made. But, the where is how the collection starts. Bovan customized a 1970’s doll house with parts of him : pictures of his family, drawings, one of a kind carpets and vintage furniture. He melded the larger than life textures of the 70’s with his own view of what the future might look like. Bovan pushes the limits of craft and fashion to extremes.

“This ethos includes creating three large looks out of sewn paracord ropes, creating a completely new textile with its own uniquely sculptural body, and then hand-embellishing with beads and sequins to create a new luxe, with the organic silhouette threatening to overtake the human form,” Bovan said.

Every look feels completely original and different from the next, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout. Sequins, bows, neon colors, and bold prints cover surreal and abstract silhouettes of billowing balloon like skirts and ostentatious necklines. Sprinkled throughout are elements that connect to a familiar reality : customized Sun Jellie bags and hand-dyed Ugg boots.

Details of the doll house lend themselves to the collection adding to how personal it is to Bovan. Family photos as not only hang on the walls of the set, but are screen printed on garments. He utilizes crochet elements in unexpected ways, like on an umbrella. The use of crochet routed in family, as well. “I was lucky enough to be taught crochet by my grandmother, Joan, when I was a teenager,” said Bovan.

“Hypercraft is a personal ode to my love of passed-down crafting tradition and showcases its importance to encourages future generations to learn these hands-on skills, and then subvert them to create something totally new and unique,” said Bovan.

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