Every Look from Richard Quinn Spring/Summer 2022

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Richard Quinn is no stranger to the ridiculous, the over-the-top, and the spectacular. He is particularly notable for his loud, grandma-style floral prints and use of unconventional material and silhouettes. To close London Fashion Week this season, he, once again, delivered all of this, giving his audience an extravagant show in the process, but put a softer twist on his classics, exposing a different side of his artistry.

Quinn, who was born and raised in the Britain’s capital city, is arguably one of the most distinct and eccentric designers of the present-day. However, with this collection, he also proved that he is one of the most versatile. Of course, the 40-look show featured a myriad of Quinn’s greatest hits. For example, several head-to-toe floral-print graced the runway. One featured a pink and orange flowered bodysuit, with a matching bonnet, puffer vest, and oversized bag. Another in a purple and green print featured a similar bodysuit and bonnet, but on this occasion, it was covered by a flowy caftan in the same fabric.

However, there several new, more practical styles dominated Quinn’s collection. A series of monochromatic, pleated jumpsuits and matching sets opened the show and seemed light and demure. The opening strapless red jumpsuit, donned by Lila Moss, was simple, yet effective, as it featured an arguably straightforward neckline, but also extended pant legs that encased the shoe. Quinn’s exploration of trench coats also epitomized this new sense of practicality. Although they featured exaggerated shoulder pads, both the chocolate brown and beige trenches seem more wearable, yet no less creative, than any of the Brit’s previous garments.

The show closed with an array of ballgowns, the majority of which were layered with pants and opera gloves, showing that Quinn is still a fan of an oversized silhouette. These extravagant pieces grounded the collection and reminded viewers that, although he may have a softer, simpler side to his design, Quinn will always be an aficionado in showmanship. Needless to say, having the young designer close LFW allowed the week to end on a high. Always keeping his audiences guessing, Quinn continues to be an incredibly unique talent in today’s fashion landscape who recognizes the importance of showing a different side to his work, but still retaining all of the fun.

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