Valentino Insights Opens Its Virtual Doors Yet Again

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Valentino furthers its exploration into the world of NFTs. After the launch of, Valentino Insights, a virtual reality home inspired by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Italian villa, the brand adds to the digital space with the Valentino Roman Palazzo Collection.

The new addition further delves into digital architecture, creating atmospheres through this landscape, hidden rooms showcasing pieces from the Rockstud Alcove, and an exhibition featuring exclusive NFT artwork by Sara Ludy.

Piccioli brought Ludy in to create work in this new realm of NFTs, desiring to support art in the foreign and new territories created for it. The artwork was inspired by new Valentino Roman Palazzo collection and the melding of realty and digital worlds. “We’re in this time where our physical and virtual lives have collapsed and we experience this hybrid reality where our lives are mediated by digital technologies, and I’m interested in what happens out of this collapse, what rises, how this hybrid reality expands and contracts our sense of being and connection,” said Ludy.

Work is displayed on digital walls in digital frames. “Astral garden,” the digtial work, “references this hybrid space in how it moves from one digital dimension to the other — from VR to 3D space to 2D space, and back. The process is like weaving fabric with all of these textures and experiences. It becomes a multidimensional material. The piece is this multidimensional scroll reflecting on the collapse of nature and simulation,” Ludy explains.

The piece has been auctioned and sold for 5.4 E, or around k.

As Valentino continues its voyage into the ever-changing digital landscape, we wonder what’s to come next for the house’s foray into the virtual world.

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