Every Look from the Palm Angels Fall/Winter 2021 Collection


After over a year in the house, locked-down under COVID-19 restrictions, there is now a category of clothing that we are all seeking out: comfortable, but cool. Essentially, sweatpants that you can wear out of the house, without looking like you just rolled out of bed. For their Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Palm Angels is giving us just that.

This season, the Milan-based brand maintained its signature of producing straightforward, urban-attuned clothing with classic shapes and styles. However, founder and creative director Francesco Ragazzi wanted to relate this aesthetic to the present moment. Specifically, he constructed a series of garments that would be optimal for reentering the greater social landscape after the long months of confinement and relaxed dressing. He retains the comfort of time, but adds a measure of dignity, with silhouettes that are simultaneously voluminous and well-tailored.

The collection features a series of garments from coats, to tracksuits, to blazers, to slacks. A black oversized blazer with white stripes down the shoulders feels perfect for daily wear in any urban landscape, while a purple bandana-printed sweatsuit seems more casual, but equally as appropriate for sporting out of the house. A large, fluffy leopard-print coat looks exceptionally cozy paired with a beige hoodie, but could easily be paired with a LBD for a night out. Simply put, these Palm Angels looks are perfect for the current state of affairs. An ideal blend of cool and casual, they speak to the desire of everyone to look their best while coming out of lockdown, but still feel comfortable in their clothing.


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