Every Look from Collina Strada Spring/Summer 2022


Perhaps, Creative Director Hilary Taymor’s whimsical Spring/Summer 2022 collection for Collina Strada was the perfect way to close an 18-month hiatus away from live presentations.

Held at New York City’s largest rooftop farm at the Brooklyn Grange in Sunset Park, guests gathered at sundown and were immediately transported to “Collinaland”. Ambient fairy-like chimes filled the air, scarecrows decorated the surrounding greenery donning Collina Strada accessories while bedazzled carrots dotted the runway. The show titled “SNAILS PACE” embraced the human connection to the natural world within dress. Coming off last season’s Animorphs fantasy, this spring collection brings the chaos of the natural world into the living.

In terms of the collection, the looks took on a vibrant childlike playfulness that is reflective of Collina Strada: beetle corsets, equestrian ribbon bags, and beaded arm slings reading “get well soon” in neon pen. The looks featured lots of layering experimenting with contrasting volume and shape. Oversized cargo pants were paired with slinky babydoll shirts, double waistlines were added on jeans and bikini bottoms, and midi skirts draped over various looks. Since the brand’s launch in 2009, sustainability has been an integral part of Taymour’s brand ethos, right down to the little details. The collection utilized recycled jewelry, sustainable swimwear, and even printed the show’s notes on seeded paper to plant afterwards.

Casting for the collection showcased a diverse lineup of collaborators and loved ones of the house instilling the feeling of community within the presentation. Models blew kisses and waved to friends, but moreover presented a theatrical performance spinning and strutting with vigour down the natural stone tile runway.

Between the high octane presentation and a return to in-person format for the first time in over a year, there was a tangible sense of joy in the air that radiated from the show and its guests. The fantastical collection proved that as we return back to our usual ways, none of the fun and fantasy will be sacrificed on the runway.

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