Miu Miu Debuts Latest Women’s Tales Short at Venice Film Festival


On September 4 at the Venice Film Festival’s independently run Venice Days section, Miu Miu debuted the 22nd installment in their Women’s Tales short film series. Since 2011, the Prada subsidiary has commissioned two films a year, one for their summer collection and one for their winter collection. Each showcases the talent of a different female director, who, aside from the contingency that they feature Miu Miu clothing, are given total freedom for the creation of their respective film.

The brand’s most recent film, entitled “I and the Stupid Boy,” is directed by Tunisian film director Kaouther Ben Hania, who is most well-known for spearheading the Oscar-nominated film The Man Who Sold His Skin. It opens with the protagonist, Nora, played by French actress Oulaya Amamra, excitedly getting ready for a date with her new boyfriend in a stunning blush pink slip dress with silver embellishments. She then leaves her apartment in grey sweatpants, a white cropped blouse with a frilly collar, and white heeled sandals, only to be harassed by her ex, Kevin, portrayed by Sandor Funtek, who pulls up on a scooter. After stealing her phone in a fit of jealousy, Kevin runs off and Nora angrily pursues him.

The ensuing chase through an abandoned building reveals a story that is wrought with themes of sexuality and shame, technology and youth, and the tension that exists in the male-female power dynamic. Finally, it concludes with a striking feminist twist that sees Nora getting revenge on her harasser for his insolent behavior.

“I wanted to create an impossible love story,” said Ben Hania in an interview with the brand. “The girl in my story is very empathetic, whereas the boy sees everything from his own perspective.”

She also explained that the way in which she dressed Nora in her Miu Miu apparel from the Maritime and Fall/Winter 2021 collections was vital to the character’s story. “Nora has sex appeal, she wanted to be cool,” she continued. “When she’s stopped by Kevin, her costume doesn’t help her. I love this contradiction.”


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