Exclusive Images from Demna Gvasalia’s Book Capture the Making of a Balenciaga Show


After the last model walked off Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2018 runway–dressed in an oversized fur coat, and dark, dramatic layers of pleats–it was not the usual bunch of press and select A-listers who followed creative director Demna Gvasalia backstage. In fact, only two guests were allowed to peak behind the snow-laced curtain at the collection this time: CR contributors Johnny Dufort and Pierre-Ange Carlotti.

The two photographers were, in a rare collaborative effort, set to capture the ins and outs of Gvasalia’s process of making a Balenciaga show–from the inceptive stages of model castings and fittings at the fashion house’s headquarters, to a spur-of-the-moment shoot on the snow-covered catwalk once the show was over and all of the guests had gone home.

The result of Dufort and Carlotti’s collaboration is the book Balenciaga: Winter 18, offering a rare glimpse behind the seams and the layers of a Balenciaga collection and the realization of a runway show. “[A] Balenciaga artifact, an object made with the same care put into a collection look,”

Under the creative direction of Gvasalia and publisher Rizzoli, Balenciaga: Winter 18 is printed using a process unique to this project. By adding two additional hues of neon to the regular CMYK color profile, one is set to experience the same saturated vibrancy seen when viewing the collection in real life.

The sharp beveled edges of the book gives its pages rare 90-degree angles, further allowing the reader to get an authentic look at the Winter ’18 collection–the way Gvasalia meant for it to be seen, in all its layers, shapes, and vivid shades. “I realized that every show I do from now on for Balenciaga is cinematographic in terms of concept and setup,” he said. Adding that, from now on, he wants “some memorabilia,” to accompany every new show: “Something that actually puts you into that show and the process behind it.”

Balenciaga: Winter 18 is set to be released in February of 2019, but can be pre-ordered online at Rizzoli now.


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