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A quick browse through Delilah Belle Hamlin’s Instagram proves that she’s fearless when it comes to flaunting her body and style. You might recognize the 20-year-old model from her appearances alongside her mother, Lisa Rinna, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s making a name for herself in the fashion world on a global scale.

On a recent visit to New York, Hamlin stopped by the CR office and chatted about growing up, working in fashion, and her guilty pleasures.

Was modeling always on your mind?
No. I honestly just wanted to go to college. I want to study criminal psychology. I was watching America’s Next Top Model, the first season, and that’s when I kind of started thinking about it, but I didn’t think I would ever succeed. Then, a modeling agency reached out to me, and I was like, ‚Sure!’“

How did you get into criminal psychology?
Netflix. I was watching Criminal Minds and Dexter and How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal, and I was like, yeah this is what I want to study. I think abnormal psychology is really interesting. Just the way they think is so interesting, because it’s so different from the majority.“

Do you have any plans for college?
I was going to go to NYU, but I took a gap year. Now it’s been a year and a half and I moved back to LA, and I think I’m just going to do online courses so I can also focus on singing, modeling, the rest of my life.“

Speaking of modeling, what has your favorite experience been so far?
I have a lot of fun on each shoot, just because I love wearing the outfits. I think my favorite would have to be in Tokyo. I did a shoot that was really cool.

Do you have a pre-shoot rituals?
Pre-shoot, I just do a lot of face masks in the days before, a lot of under-eye care. I usually try to eat foods that don’t bloat me. I don’t cut carbs out. I love carbs.“

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as edgy, comfortable. I take risks but I’m also like just let me wear sneakers and sweats and a lot of jewelry and just chill. I feel like I overcompensate with jewelry, so I don’t have to wear heels all the time.“

Do you have any sources for style inspiration?
I go back in time, sometimes I look back at Rachel from Friends. I go back and have some inspiration from the ’90s, 2000s.“

Any guilty pleasures?
Oh girl, nutella. No, no like I finish jars with only a spoon. It’s so bad, but so good though.“

So you have several tattoos, do they have special meaning to you?
Lots of meaning. So this one (on right arm) says ‚this too shall pass,‘ that was something that my mom said to me when I was growing up. I struggled with a lot anxiety when I was younger and I’d be having panic attacks and she would just say, ‚This too shall pass, you’re going to be fine.‘ So I got that one. And then this one (on left arm) says ‚Lola‘ for my dog that passed away. She inspired me a lot because she was so sick at the end of her life and she could barely walk, but she kept walking, so I associated that with strength. And then I have this one (on left arm), it says ‚day by day,‘ which is another like ‚this too shall pass’–like take everything day by day and stay in the moment. Then I have this evil eye which is to protect me from evil vibes. Then I did these myself. A happy and sad face (on side of each middle finger). Like eff being happy and eff being sad.“

Do you plan on getting more?
Yeah, I’m going today!“

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