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A self-described gawky person, Sarah Brannon’s has her long limbs to thank for her career in the fashion world. For the Spring/Summer 2019 season alone, she walked the runways of Hermès, Balmain, and Saint Laurent.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, the model likes a sense of grit and character, which is one of the reasons why she recently made New York City her home. Brannon has plenty of her own spunk, brimming with stories and opinions to share. On a visit to the CR office, she told us about how she likes to be transient, how she has a life-long interest in houses, and how she chose the subject of her favorite tattoo.

You recently moved to New York from Memphis. Do you see yourself staying in New York for a while?
„I can’t ever see myself being permanently somewhere. I want to move to Japan. I want to move to Paris. I want to move to Israel or Tel Aviv. I want to move to London. I want to move to Ireland. I want to move everywhere. Eventually, it would be cool to have homes in New York, Memphis, and all over the world. But can I ever see myself truly being stationed there permanently? No.“

What made you interested in modeling the first place?
Growing up, I was always kind of tall and skinny and gawky. I felt like I didn’t ever fit in physically with other people in school and stuff. It’s funny when you feel like the weird kid but everyone also told you ‚You should be a model.‘ It’s kind of like you gravitate towards that like, ‚Yeah I want to be a pretty model. I want to walk Victoria’s Secret.‘ You know you want to be that when you’re kind of like the weird kid.“

If you weren’t modeling what would you want to do?
I would probably want to work in real estate. I don’t know why, but other than modeling there was this other thing that I always loved and it was houses. I always loved interior design as a kid. I remember being like 12 and being on the big, old computer at my house and Googling house plans and drawing up my own. It’s very funny, but I was always very creative in that way. I think I’d be into property, whether it’s flipping houses, doing interior stuff, just being an architect in general, or having or holding property and doing rental. Any of it sounds really cool to me.“

So you’ve worked with Petra Collins in the past for CR, what was it like shooting for her?
„I really like Petra as a person. She’s a super fun person to work with. Like amazing vibes. It was one of the easiest, nicest, fun shoots I’ve been on in a very long time. Her work is amazing. It’s like sexy, it’s beautiful, it’s strong, but in a very ethereal way.“

Do you have any other artists you’ve worked with that you liked or any that you’d want to work with in the future?
„It would be awesome to work with Steven Meisel. I think that’s everybody’s dream. Honestly, when it comes to photography I’m not too crazy about any of the stuff that’s coming out right now. Either you’re like a fashion photographer or you’re like an artsy fashion photographer. There’s not much innovation or cool stuff going on.“

What’s the meaning behind your different tattoos?
I have a lot. I have a butterfly on my back. I have words on my back. I have a bunch of stuff everywhere. But the snake I really like because it’s my newest tattoo, and the whole reason why I got it was because I had a tattoo right here, a stick and poke that I thought was hideous like right on my wrist, and I was like ‚I need to cover this up.‘ I really like snakes for some reason. I dream about snakes a lot. Also, there’s Jewish folklore about this demon, her name is Lilith, and she was the original woman before Eve. God made Lilith the same way that Adam was made, so Adam and Lilith were equal. She didn’t want to be submissive, so God banned her for that reason, and that’s when God made Eve from the rib of Adam. They depict [Lilith] with a serpent wrapped around her always. The whole gag is that originally she was the serpent who tempted Eve into taking the apple, the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.“

What’s your favorite game?
My favorite is Elder Scrolls Online. It’s like an MMO, but it also has a storyline, you can play PVP. There’s different races. You can be an elf, you can be whatever. You create your own character. It’s very fantasy. You play online and play with friends and stuff. And I just started playing Overwatch, and Overwatch is just kind of like PVP. You play with groups against each other.“

Do you have any favorite musicians, artists, or bands?
It depends. I’m a really big fan of Slow Dive. I love stuff like Blondie. It really depends on my vibe. I really like the Cocktail Twins. I’m also into this kind of punk, weird… anything. Like Turkish music, electronic, there’s like this punk Turkish band that’s like really fucking cool.“


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