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A self-described tomboy, Sara Sorić has embraced her gamine charm. Her androgynous features have made her stand out on the runways of Fendi, and Givenchy among others. The Croatian model stopped by the CR office in New York to chat about moving to the Big Apple, getting her hair dyed acid green, and meeting Marc Jacobs.

How were you discovered?
I sat on the street, at the bus stop actually, in Croatia. My friend failed her driver’s test four times and she wanted some moral support, so I was going to see her for a coffee and then my now agent stopped me.“

Did you always want to be a model growing up?
I wanted to be a lot of stuff. I wanted to be an actress, which is kind of similar. I wanted to be a vet, also. I know I always changed [my mind] a lot, from like a hairdresser to a songwriter, which I have no idea about. But yeah, always fluid, and I like going with the flow.“

What has been the most memorable moment for you so far in terms of modeling?
I think my first memorable one would be shooting the Marc Jacobs campaign with Steven Meisel. I remember I was in the studio thinking, ‚Wow, it doesn’t get better than this.‘ All of the big names were here, and I’m here. So that was really surreal. Then, the next one was definitely closing for Givenchy this season. I remember I had two looks, and then after the first one, I went and changed and had this beautiful, beautiful dress, like super long. I remember I was going out and it was just so surreal and I was so in the moment.“

What was your impression of Marc Jacobs and Clare Waight Keller?
Just like how humble and normal [Marc Jacobs] is. He was just so down to earth, really nice and sweet, and just sincere. That was my impression with him. I was so surprised. Then, Clare–when I was doing Givenchy I was working with them for a week–I was working with Clare everyday and she’s like the sweetest person ever. I love them both so much.“

You were one of the models who got her hair cut and dyed. What was that like?
It was actually amazing, because I always wanted short hair. I have two older brothers, so I was always a tomboy but it never got to express it because I had long hair. Then, this option came in. I remember I was begging my agent for like a year to cut my hair, and he was like, ‚No, let’s wait.‘ And I said OK, it’s business. And then the option came and I was instantly like, ‚Yes!‘ I remember my agent called me and said, ‚Marc Jacobs wants an exclusive, they want to cut your hair, and/or dye it, are you OK with that?‘ And I said yes, yes, yes.“

What was it like getting it dyed green?
I was just going with the flow and literally didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t know which color it was going to be until the last moment. Because they were picking the color with the dress and the skin color and everything. I think I was the last one to get it dyed, so all of the girls had pink and red and blue and this and that, and I remember thinking, ‚Which color remains now?‘ And then they told me green, and actually green is my favorite color because of trees, so it was really funny.“

If you weren’t modeling what do you see yourself doing career-wise?
I think I would definitely be doing something with animals and people. I don’t think I’d be a vet, though. Actually, I think I would make something. Make a little sanctuary or make a place where people could come in and build their companies. Kind of like WeWork, because I love working with people, and just help them grow.“

Do you have any pets?
Not here, but I have a bull terrier in Croatia. It’s the one that has a super sharp face, and it’s super funny because Marc Jacobs has the same dog. I thought, ‚Are you kidding me?‘ So I have that one in Croatia, but not really.“

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I like to hang with friends and have quality time. I do some yoga and I like to go to parks in upstate New York. Also, I like to explore the city, because there’s always something more to see. I love to go to the Met and galleries. Because I do work a lot, I love to in my spare time see all of my friends. Because I have a small friend group, but a good one. I like to keep a small circle–quality over quantity.“

What’s been your favorite thing to do in New York so far?
I think vintage shopping. There’s always something new and you never know what you’re going to see or grab. My favorite is Beacon’s Closet, for sure, on 13th and 5th. Also, gallery hopping in Chelsea.“

Do you see yourself staying in New York or moving back to Croatia?
No, I definitely don’t see myself moving back to Croatia, because I think that when I moved here I started expressing myself one hundred percent, and started experimenting and fully accepting myself. I moved here and thought, ‚I can be whoever I want to be right now.‘ I feel like when I was in Croatia, because Croatia is a small country, so it’s not that conservative, but it is. I feel like I didn’t get to be my full potential there. After modeling, I’ll definitely stay here and do something else.“

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