Who’s Dressing the Olympians for Tokyo 2020?


Not only athletes are going for gold at the 2020 Olympic Games. All the way in Tokyo, designers are outfitting the world’s most prestigious athletes in a nearly as paramount achievement. Though Ralph Lauren has been ruling the Olympic fashion podium since 2008, a lineup of new age labels have infiltrated the space. Hint: Kim Kardashian is involved.

From Christian Louboutin‘s designs for Cuba in 2016 to Stella McCartney‘s mini-reign over U.K. uniforms, every Olympic season offers an unspoken competition in the clothing category. Meet some of this year’s contenders…

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren may as well join Team USA himself at this point. For the seventh consecutive Games, America’s classic favorite has assumed its role of ceremony couturier. Each year tends to feature a slightly modified version of red, white, blue, and stripes, Tokyo being no exception with a patriotic blazer and denim combination.

After major backlash in 2012 for producing the team’s looks in China, Ralph Lauren crafted sustainably and in the USA for this year.


Though Kim Kardashian‘s contributions to Team USA may not be publicly worn, rest assured that below your favorite female Olympians’ equipment is a set of Skims. Despite the unusual pairing, Kim’s childhood with a gold medalist step-parent, Caitlyn Jenner, may have prepared her for this moment. Exact pieces from Team USA’s collection are even available to non-athletes in a coveted Skims capsule.


Certainly not country-exclusive, Nike dressed just about everyone for the sporting portion of the Olympics. Brazil, France, Japan, Kenya, and the United States are only a handful of the teams donning the “just do it” giant. Piet Parra was called in for aesthetic backup, iconically collaborating with Nike for their first-ever skateboarding uniforms.


Hopefully France’s looks will be a bit more inventive for Paris 2024. Calling on French sportswear label, Lacoste, for the past four Olympics, the team was dressed in patriotic ensembles that critics quickly deemed lackluster.


Brooklyn’s official handbag supplier went international for the Tokyo Games. Approached by the team after a sprinter proposed the collaboration, Telfar Clemens, who is Liberian-American himself, made history by dressing and sponsoring the country’s team of three. Beautiful cultural references are infused within the seventy pieces in his collection, serving as the perfect first taste of Telfar’s introduction to activewear.


Another seasoned Olympic dresser, Armani designed Team Italy’s ceremony outfits for the fifth Games in a row… albeit controversially. Though the meaning behind the diffusion line’s look was a beautiful marriage of Italy and Japan, critics are quite not loving the aesthetics. On the bright side, every jacket was constructed of recycled polyester.

Rowing Blazers

Who better to create classic opening ceremony blazers than the modish prep label known for just that? Founded by U.S. athlete Jack Carlson, Rowing Blazers bottles up elite sportiness and serves it in a youthful spread of athleisure. El Salvador was the unlikely wearer of Rowing Blazer’s most collegiate sport coats to date, and most certainly not the last country to call on their Olympic-ready looks.


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