Is Destiny’s Child Back?

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Now that a ’90s resurgence is in full swing, Destiny’s Child’s comeback is only fitting. Social media updates are hinting that something is in the works, perhaps new music, re-released old tracks, or even a reunion tour. Needless to say, Twitter has gone wild with brainstorming possibilities.

So what’s the evidence? Not much. Rumors of a reunion were sparked by the girl group’s official Twitter and Facebook pages having updated banners. While a social media refresh may seem a bit farfetched for predicting their return, stranger things have happened. Sometimes digital housekeeping is the telltale sign of an upcoming release.

Plus, in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Beyoncé confirmed new music is coming. Fans quickly assumed that she was referring to her next solo album, but now they aren’t so sure.

A Destiny’s Child reunion is far more likely than many other broken up bands, as the trio are still very much in touch. Back in May, Michelle Williams shared an audio clip of the group catching up ahead of her book release. Maybe there was more to the conversation than the clip included…

But the jury is definitely still out on whether anything new is coming from Destiny’s Child. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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