A Peek Into The CR Fashion Book Archives

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CR Fashion Book’s first issue featured a smiling Kate Upton, photographed by Bruce Weber and cradling baby ducklings, on the front cover in September 2012. It’s been almost nine years since Carine launched CR, and from Barbie Ferreira to Beyoncé, we’ve seen no shortage of incredible covers and shoots. CR has been the platform and sounding board for the greatest minds in fashion to come together and create boundary-pushing editorials that tell artfully-penned stories in a single image. Here, CR looks back through the archives to find some of our favorite faces, moments, and photographs.

CR Fashion Book Issue #1: Kate Upton

The very first issue of CR Fashion Book centered around the idea of rebirth, with a heavy focus on showcasing the beauty of birth, pregnancy, and family. Carine writes in her editor’s letter for CR 1 that “When something is consuming your thoughts, you suddenly notice it everywhere. When I learned that my daughter, Julia, was expecting, I immediately began seeing babies and new mothers on planes, at fashion shows, in New York and in Paris. Birth and rebirth all around. I became obsessed.”

CR Fashion Book Issue #2: Ballet

Gus van Sant was tapped to photograph ballet star Sergei Polunin on the CR 2 cover for the Dance issue, centered around movement, the ballet aesthetic, and the human form. Kacper Kasprzyk’s work is shown in the corresponding “Once Upon a Dance” editorial.

CR Fashion Book Issue #3: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian covers the Hope issue of CR during her first pregnancy with North West, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and art directed by Riccardo Tisci. CR later featured North West, also photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, decked out (as “decked out” as an infant can truly be) in Chanel for her first fashion shoot ever. In the words of the late artist, “it’s never too early to care about fashion.”

CR Fashion Book Issue #4: Gigi Hadid

The model and new mother’s very first major magazine cover was with CR Fashion Book all the way back in 2014, for Issue #4. Hadid was shot by Bruce Weber for the Fairy Tale issue, and has since returned to CR to grace the cover twice more for CR 8 and CR 13.

CR Fashion Book Issue #5: Beyoncé

Queen B teams up with photographer Pierre Debusschere, and guest creative director Riccardo Tisci for CR 5, and it’s safe to say that the singer and newest Tiffany and Co. ambassador pulls off a Chanel surfboard like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Beyoncé wears an assortment of pieces from Comme Des Garcons, Saint Laurent, and Prada.

CR Fashion Book Issue #7: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was featured in a two-part Classic/Eccentric cover for CR 7, playing the part of a bride who lounges in froths of white tulle on the lefthand side and stares off-camera in irreverent black on the right. The imagery shot by Bruce Weber blends the singer’s quirk and boldness.

CR Fashion Book Issue #9: Rihanna

Rihanna posed as Marie Antoinette for CR 9, but the queen didn’t serve as inspiration in the way you might have thought she did. In the words of Carine, “She is a prototype for contemporary fame, body, beauty, celebrity, and femininity. Everything done by her and to her has influenced society’s concept of womanhood, for better or worse. […] I wanted to capture that sense of attraction and repulsion: the fantasy of glamour but also the poison and prison of femininity and society.”

CR Fashion Book Issue #14: Diamond Dolls

Top models including Ashley Graham, Anok Yai, Halima Aden, Hannah Ferguson, Lauren Wasser, Paloma Elsesser, Cindy Kimberly, Hyunji Shin, Anna Rubin, Indira Scott, and Callie Dixon came together for CR 14 to honor Barbie’s 60th birthday in a spread shot by Chris Maggio. Each model represents a different iteration of Barbie in celebration of diversity.

CR Fashion Book Issue #15: The Kardashian Clan

For CR 15, Kris Jenner poses with all five of her daughters for the Private/Public issue. The 2019 cover was the family’s first fashion magazine cover in four years, and each family member wore Thierry Mugler and Yeezy while being photographed by Heji Shin.

CR China Issue #1: Selena Gomez

The singer, actress, and Rare Beauty founder graced the cover of CR China‘s debut issue, photographed by Adrienne Raquel and wearing in Balenciaga, Richard Quinn, and Maison Wester. Gomez tells CR, “I think “no” is a very powerful word. Many times people say yes even in their heart they really would like to say no. By saying no to negative thoughts in your own head or to anyone on the outside really helps you be in control.”

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