Gucci Teases Details on its 100th Anniversary Collection

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We all know that Gucci possesses strong ties with the music industry. But, could you have guessed that Gucci is cited 22,705 times in the lyrics of international songs? While Gucci has not unveiled much about their 100th anniversary collection, we do know that one of the hallmark themes will be the luxury brand’s connection with the music world. Celebrating the brand’s relationship with the music industry is not a new campaign for Gucci. In fact, the “Aria” collection, which debuted last April, utilized a soundtrack full of Gucci’s references in hip-hop. Currently, in their teaser for their upcoming collection, Gucci blasted the number “22,705” across different items at their flagship front on Via Montenapoleone. To get you excited about what Gucci might have in store for their centennial reveal, we’re here to bring you five songs, a couple popular and a couple forgotten, that reference Gucci.

  1. “The R” by Eric B. and Rakim.

    We would be remiss to not start off by mentioning this 1989 billboard hit. In fact the lyrics “music is mine, Gucci seats reclined,” were even part of Gucci’s teaser for their 100th collection–directly celebrating and confronting Gucci’s close ties with the music industry.

    2. “My Skin My Logo” by Solange

    The references to Gucci are inescapable throughout the entire 2 minutes and 55 seconds of this song. The song is a journey full of personal style: jazzy, melodic, laid back, and almost timeless. At the center of the song is the interconnection between Gucci Mane, who is featured on the track, and Gucci (The brand). Simultaneously making reference to both Gucci Mane and Gucci Solange sings, “ Gucci on his sheets, Gucci on his feet. “ The fantasmic appeal and allure of Gucci are a focal point of this song, and overall Solange blurs the line between Gucci Mane and Gucci.

    3. “Thought It Was Drought” by Future

      Less than a minute into Future’s 2015 song “Drought” a Gucci reference is already made! This lyric “fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip-flops” has become widely known among listeners. Gucci flip-flops have become a universal emblem of style and success, and Future is proud to say he embodies all that Gucci tries to stand for.

      4. “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn

      Did we just take you back to Summer of 2011? Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” is not only named after the luxury powerhouse, but Kreayshawn’s Gucci references might have even been ahead of their time. This song should be blasted loudly as we await Gucci’s 100th collection.

      5. “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump

      How could we not mention one of the most famous Gucci songs? Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” swept the nation and may have even made listeners want to own an item by Gucci. Though the lyrics might be simple and repetitive, “Gucci Gang” is a celebration. And we imagine that wearing an item by Gucci is in fact a celebration in itself. So, why not sing this song as we anticipate what Gucci’s centennial collection has in store for us?

      While we barley scratched the surface in digging up Gucci referenced songs, we hope these tracks get you excited for the future of Gucci, and their relationship to music. If Gucci’s history provides any clues for what is to come, it is that their relationship with music is here to stay!

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