Beauty Secrets We Learned from Valentino Beauty’s Raoúl Alejandre


“That’s the beautiful thing about makeup artistry, it’s a very personal experience and we create something unique to us,” said Valentino Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist Raoúl Alejandre, who believes makeup has no rules. Valentino’s first-ever couture-inspired beauty collection made a splash in the luxury cosmetics world earlier this year inspiring all our post-pandemic party looks and has since garnered a massive following for its multi-purpose products that break the mold of your average makeup products. “It’s having a brand that understands the concept that makeup is unique for each user and has created multiple uses for these different products. On top of that, making it refillable is very important, considering where we are going in the world environmentally,” said Alejandre.

Whether it’s using their triple-ended Brow Trio Eyebrow Liner as a faux freckle marker or creating a dramatic diffused eye look with their one-of-a-kind Eye2Cheek Blush and Eye Color duo, the house’s cult favorite products are made to be used how you want to use it. “Other than it being just being an artist and thinking outside of the box and finding multiple ways to use things, it really goes back to just my childhood and the way that I grew up. I didn’t have a lot of resources. Especially, when I was starting out in this industry,” said Alejandre. “I couldn’t just run to a department store and spend on a very specific eyeliner because I knew that I could somehow make it.”

Since joining the team, Alejandre has used his resourceful skills as a makeup artist to create a series of signature looks featuring unique ways to utilize Valentino’s carefully formulated collection. Alejandre recently created three original looks for the brand’s inaugural pop-up at Nordstrom’s flagship store in New York City, all of which were available to learn in a live-streamed master class where guests were able to shop products live.

“I come from a background of working on a sales floor. When I created these looks, I wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone,” said Alejandre. The three looks showcase three different classic looks: a neutral everyday face, a very Valentino Rosso Red red lip, and a nighttime dramatic eye. Alejandre, who walked around with his Valentino refillable Go-Clutch Compact full of perfecting powder swaying from side-to-side, is always sure to let livestream viewers in on the tips and tricks of the products. Alejandre lets viewers in on a few tricks of the trade, such as all the lipsticks having a matching foundation undertone or using the Twin Liner Eyeliner as an eyebrow pencil for those with dark brows.

Perhaps Alejandre’s best kept secret that he’s intertwined into his looks with Valentino has been his use of draping. “Draping has literally been part of just my artistry forever,” he said. “Everything that I’ve done has just been a reference to fashion photographers because my inspiration comes from fashion.” Alejandre’s draping techniques are reminiscent of the nostalgic makeup in editorials from legendary fashion photographers like Guy Bourdin, Richard Avedon, and Irving Penn. For a makeup collection inspired by couture, these high octane visuals are seemingly the perfect source of inspiration. “You can incorporate a lot of color, or you can do the draping technique with just highlighter, or just bronzer – there’s multiple ways to try out the technique.”

Alejandre reiterates the ability to tailor each product and look to one’s desire. “You can take elements of every look that I’ve created and make it your own. It’s like when you’re dressing yourself up. You’re just throwing on different things, some things work, some things don’t – It’s all about self-expression,” he said. Alejandre and Valentino Beauty stress forgoing the idea of following any trends and coloring outside the lines when it comes to your makeup routine. “I hate hearing the word trend, you should always just do what feels right to you.” Above all else, Alejandre is working to influence Valentino beauty fans to use the products the way they were intended – for fun and playful looks that test the boundaries of creativity.


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