Beauty Secrets We Learned from Pat McGrath

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As far as we know, there’s no such thing as effortless beauty. From facial treatments that leave your complexion dewy and luminous to the perfect winged eyeliner, experts reveal their most-trusted, insider hacks for CR’s new series, Beauty Secrets.

Radiant skin that looks that skin has always been the hallmark of Pat McGrath’s makeup. The beauty maestro, whose mile-long resume encompasses a brief stint designing cosmetics for Giorgio Armani and helming her own eponymous brand, Pat McGrath Labs (now worth an estimated billion), has inspired a feverish, cult following and month-long waitlists for her Skin Fetish highlighter and covetable Mattetrance lipstick. For McGrath, who first garnered acclaim during the early ’90s, under the tenure of minimalist Jil Sander and maximalist John Galliano for her innovative use of color and experimentation with different textures and materials, emphasizing every model’s individuality has always taken priority.

„It’s an ultra, pretty look on the girls, but it’s a really strong look and the eyeliner works for each of the girls‘ individual beauty,“ she says backstage of the beauty look for the Moschino x H&M’s show on Wednesday night.

Using products from the H&M Beauty line, McGrath applied natural foundation on the models, concealing any blemishes and dark under-eye circles with H&M’s Custom Concealer Trio, but also wanted to keep their skin as luminous as possible. The brows were groomed and then sculpted using brow liner and shaping gel to keep them in place. „We did a gorgeous eyeliner on everyone, perfect glowing skin, a little bit of blush and highlighter on the cheeks, and the lips were outlined with balm and gloss,“ McGrath says.

For the eyes, McGrath tight-lined the models‘ lids (beauty vernacular for running eyeliner close to the lash line), dabbing bronze liner along the inner corners for extra glow. Individual eye shape was also taken into account for the graphic winged liner, with eyeliner flicks ranging from bold and thick to delicate and thin. As Gigi Hadid opened and Naomi Campbell closed the collection, outfitted in creative director Jeremy Scott’s characteristic grandeur rife with popular culture references, the show was statement-making indeed. As McGrath aptly put it: „It’s really the girls as they are: tough and strong, but also glowing and beautiful.“

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