Grindr Releases Custom Gaymojis


Thanks to Grindr’s just-launched “Gaymojis,” you’re now able to share you sexual preferences, body piercings, and so much more in the chat section of the men-only app. The social network has released 500-plus, tongue-in-cheek emojis to its three million active daily users. Some of the best examples include a unicorn with a rainbow mane, a peach with a telephone cord attached, and a bunk bed series with men reclining on either the top or bottom bunk.

Of the more risqué category, the nose sniffing a jar of poppers and the range of bondage images are sure to raise a few eyebrows. „Our users already use emojis as shorthand,“ said Grindr’s creative director, Landis Smithers of the new launch in a press release today. „We wanted to have some fun and create a new language for everyone, not only Grindr users, to enjoy.“

As of now, Gaymoji’s are only available for iOS Grindr account holders, but there are plans for the feature to be rolled out for Android users soon too. Luckily for the rest of us, Grindr has launched Gaymoji as a stand-alone app, which allows everyone to send an eggplant under a magnifying glass or similar via text also. The freestanding app includes 100 emojis for free with the option to access the full 500 for .99.


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