Weekly Horoscope May 4th



„Don’t be too pushy if a potential fling doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. If you’re already in a relationship, now is a great time to take the next step, perhaps by moving in together. Professionally speaking, try to keep it cool, even if you end up with a bunch of last minute tasks.“


„Now is the time to find a summer romance or recapture the feeling of lust you originally had for your partner. Elsewhere, if something in life challenges your morals, don’t be afraid to make some noise and stand up for what you believe in. At work, don’t take criticism to heart, learn from it instead.“


„If you’re single, a potential lover might prove to be too much work and not enough fun. Couples: Remember that laughter is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship. A new proposal at work will inspire you to change your way of thinking.“


„Get your head out of the clouds, Cancer. Reality is fun because it’s real life! For those in a relationship, now is the time to face your problems head on. It’ll be tough, but it’s necessary if you want to move forward in life together. Career-wise: Everything is moving in the right direction, so don’t stop what you’re doing just yet.“


„This week is yours to conquer if you remember that you can’t please everyone. If you’re in a relationship, take advantage of the spring weather and have some good old fashioned fun with your lover. At work, keep trying to be the best you can be—your boss will notice.“


„If a new romance doesn’t go your way, do your best to not let it get you down. Instead, get outside and enjoy all that spring has to offer. Professionally speaking, if you plod carefully through each task, you’ll soon have time for some adventure and fun.“


„It might be hard to accept someone—flaws and all—but it’ll be worth it for your future. If you’re in a relationship, love friendship, or otherwise, letting the other person know how you truly feel will lead to much joy and compassion. At work, you’ll feel overwhelmed by just how much is expected of you.“


„If you’re single, don’t expect to find love at first sight—it takes time. Couples: Everything is going well in your relationship right now, but discussing finances can be touchy so chose your moment to discuss them carefully. Listen to your intuition at work, you’re probably headed in the right direction.“


„Venus is passing through Sagittarius this week, making it hard for you to stop criticizing everything. Bear this in mind and try not to blame your partner, family or friends for doing little things that annoy you. All is going well at work, and you’ll soon be in line for a new and lucrative project.“


„Go ahead and dare to pursue the person you’ve always been attracted to this week. The planets are behind you and it’s likely that they feel the same way about you too. Couples: Spending time together is important, but don’t forget to see your friends too. At work, remember that even the smallest solutions can solve a major problem.“


„This week, you’ll be dreaming of finding a new romance, whether you’re already in a relationship or not. Career-wise: Mercury is in Aquarius, leading you to making a landmark step in your career.“


„If you’re single and feel too busy to look for love, why not try asking your friends to set you up with a date instead? Couples: Venus is on your side, but you’d still do well to avoid unnecessary conflicts with your partner. At work, listen to advice from your peers and act accordingly.“


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