February 16th Horoscope



“If you’re single and have been holding out for a certain someone, now is the time to stop wasting time and let your dream of life as a couple slip away. Luckily, there will be plenty of admirers around to help distract you in the process. If you’re already in a relationship, quit trying to bend your partner to your own will. Remember: Compromise and acceptance are at the key to a happy life together. Professionally speaking, the planet Mars will bring a period of careful reflection this week, so think carefully before making any major decisions.”


“This week, your natural charm is at a peak and you’ll feel buoyed by a new found sense of confidence. For those with a crush, harness this feeling and dare to ask them out on a date. Couples: If you don’t want your partner to go out, be seductive and persuade them to stay at home. At work, if an opportunity arises that will allow you to advance, chose your strategy wisely.”


“The key to this week is to keep an open mind. In practice, this means not letting opportunities pass you by and being friendly to all whom you meet. For those in a relationship, if you take the time to sit down and discuss your differences with your partner, you’ll soon realize that in essence, you’re both saying the same thing. Career-wise: Don’t be afraid to lean on your team if you need some support.”


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