Your Weekly Horoscope for October 14th



Singles, don’t be afraid to explore a potential love interest. You have nothing to lose. Those in relationships, you alternate between hot and cold, and it’s tiring not only for your partner, but also you. Professionally, Mars in Libra will allow you to negotiate something. The result might not be ideal, but seize the opportunity anyway.


Singles, someone you thought you had potential with is disappointing you. Don’t give up just yet. Couples, your spouse will tell you some truths that aren’t easy to hear, but rest assured your relationship will be stronger because of it. At work, don’t feel discouraged if something you propose is refused. If you stay determined, it will be quite the contrary.


Singles, you are fancying someone at work. Tread lightly! Couples, you tend to take more initiative this week, much to the happiness of your loved one. Professionally, constructive feedback is beneficial to launch ambitious projects.


Singles, your charisma is undeniable, but your possessiveness is sometimes unreasonable. For couples, Venus creates a healthy atmosphere between you and your emotional bond feels stronger than ever. Professionally, you find you’re still having to convince your boss of your abilities, which isn’t always easy.


For singles, the stimulating effects of Mars make you take bold initiatives this week. For couples, you desire efficiency in your relationship and will undergo a renovation to your shared space. At work, don’t feel the need to always over-perform or go the extra mile—your know-how and your ideas are perfectly adequate.


Singles, a relationship you thought would be casual has taken a serious turn. Couples, be sure to surprise your lover every now and then to keep them excited. Professionally, if you want to succeed, shed some of the weight off your shoulders by learning to delegate.


Singles, an ex is parading around his or her new love. Try to stay strong. It ended for a reason. As for couples, your lover adores you because you provide comfort and joy. Professionally, you are working extra hard to earn the endorsement of your boss for a project.


Singles, it’s not your week. Make time for a little fun to curb your doldrums. Couples, there’s tension ahead, but try to nip it in the bud before it escalates. At work, a difficult task throws off your flow, but rest assured you will execute it flawlessly.


Singles, a friendship might be growing into something stronger, but remaining coy will work in your favor. Couples, don’t take your partner’s silence to mean anything other than stress unrelated to you. Career-wise, Mars will bless you with the stamina to pursue a personal project. Make sure you’re organized or else you’ll waste precious time.


Singles can count on their friends above anything else. Lean on them when you’re feeling lonely. Couples, it might be time to consider a vacation with your other half to break up your routine. Professionally, your work is yielding great results. You’ll have a higher status very soon and a higher salary, too.


Singles, you have far too much going on to pursue romance and you feel fine with that. Those in relationships, try to leave work at the office. If you keep bringing it home each night, your lover will become unhappy. Professionally, trust your negotiation skills and experience in carrying out an important task.


Singles, you’re turning heads this week. Keep up the confidence. Couples, you’re feeling nostalgic about the honeymoon phase between you two. Try and think of ways to spice things up. Professionally, don’t be afraid to ask your employees to help you see something to fruition.


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