Your Weekly Horoscope for October 16th



You must stop fantasizing about your impossible love. At first it was humorous—even laughable—but now it’s become destabilizing. You need to move on. At work, have confidence in your own voice, don’t let it drown in the opinions of others.


You are realizing you may have made an error in your last romantic encounter. It wasn’t a big deal—nothing to be alarmed—but it’s a cause to realize what you’re actually looking for in the future. Embrace it. Unite your talents professionally with your team or partner. Together, victory will be reached faster.


When single, you are not happy. Yet when you find yourself with another, you block yourself off from fear of being hurt. There needs to be a balance between both sides of life or else happiness will be difficult to find.


You’ll realize stability and a new happiness in seeing your darling at home after a day of hard work. Enjoy your relationship as it continues to develop and you both settle into each other’s rhythms.


Right now is a good time for you to be single. If you have eyes for someone that is okay too, but take you’re time; go step by step. At work, budgets are always an issue. Don’t let that get you down, things will settle soon.


You may have just met someone and immediately gotten into a tiff. Clarify the misunderstanding before it becomes so blurred that you will not be able to backtrack! An apology never hurt anyone. With your boyfriend or girlfriend, tensions are high and the wire is tight. It will snap in half soon if you do not give each other slack.


It’s a good time for you to have a beautiful encounter—one that can potentially evolve into something more and longterm. If that’s not something you desire, perhaps stay inside over the next few days. For those already dating, you adore your other half but want to preserve your own space. Do so with diplomacy and respectful communication.


You’re feeling a sense of routine in your relationship. You love your partner but are deeply wanting to shake him or her alive to start an adventure. Propose it—you won’t know until you try. Do not listen too much to your surroundings at work. You have a good intuition, follow it.


Romance isn’t so kind to you this week. Either a new match isn’t quite yet the one or there are no possibilities to be seen as of yet. Don’t blame those around you, but instead think of how you might change things about yourself. At least your career is going great. The course is steady and you’re seeing your intended destination!


Regardless of love, your goal this week is to be attentive to your daily life and those of your loved ones. Give small surprises or offer tasks that might help others in anyway. At work, the financial problems have cleared, and you can take off on your long-awaited projects.


Socially, your calendar has cleared up and now you can finally spend time with your lover. Enjoy the togetherness, your relationship will only benefit from it. Professionally, you will have to decide between more responsibility and the tranquility of your current job. Trust your gut.


Leave your natural reservations and give into your temptations. Your loved ones and friends will welcome this new side of you. Conflict at work might not pass you by, but remember to use diplomacy. You’ll get through it.


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