Your Weekly Horoscope for August 21st


ARIES: You may have sense of humor at the moment, but the problem is that it’s at the expense of others! Stop if you want to meet a new love interest or friendly acquaintances. For couples in distress this week, if you’re problems aren’t serious ones, they won’t last. On the positive side of things, an innocuous discussion with your boss will turn into a very interesting new project.

TAURUS: If you’re single, know that you have to dive into something almost without thinking if you ever want your love life to go in the direction that you’re dreaming of. If you hesitate, you could be blocking yourself from potential good things to come. Couples this week should make invitations to have friends over and take the time to see the loved ones. On the up side of things this week, a deep need for evolution dictates your path—which also bodes well for your astral sky, which wants the same.

GEMINI: If you’re single, you should be happy to make new friendly acquaintances this week. Indeed, they’ll want to share new activities and make new memories with you. Couples this week, you’re not going to be happy, but it won’t have a lasting impact on your relationship—your lover will always forgive you for all. On the positive side, you’ll be stimulated by a new project. But until you can reap the financial rewards of it, pay attention to your savings so that you don’t begin to run low on cash flow.

CANCER: Whether you’re single or not, your charm is unbeatable, so it’s up to you to play your cards right and get invited out with new friends. If you’re in a relationship, your partner will make some sort of statement to you that they have not done for a long time. You’ll need to be inventive, finding creative ways to make your own statement in return. The good news for this week is that you’ll enjoy more freedom in the near future to make the kinds of decisions that you want.

LEO: It’s quite possible that you’ll meet someone new this week, but it will potentially disturb someone who is close to you—a friend may turn into a rival! You should go on living without paying too much attention to the situation as it unfolds. If you’re in a relationship, your lover will become jealous of someone else whom you’ve been speaking to, which might annoy you and make you happy at the same time. On another note, preparing to return to work after a holiday will be intense!

VIRGO: If you’re not married, you may be relying on your ex rather than looking to the future. But sometimes this can be good! On the other hand, make sure that you’re not creating the same problems and the same old the story. If you’re in a relationship, Venus in Cancer does everything to harmonize the exchanges between family or lovers, which only serves to benefit you thanks to these good astral tendencies. This week, someone whom you’ve worked with in the past will make you an interesting proposition.

LIBRA: Single Libra’s will be more open to activities that relate to worldliness and artistic manifestations as opposed to going out to find love, but both are possible this week, so open your eyes! If you’re in a relationship, take note of everything on the condition that your better half will accept your counter arguments—everything can be negotiated! On the up side for you this week, there are new possibilities if you can figure out how to seize them. But it may require listening to those around your for sound advice.

SCORPIO: Perhaps you’ve had your eyes on someone who wasn’t available, but that has changed and it time for you to have your chance. For couples, happiness requires handling with care in order for things to go smoothly between you and your partner. Remember that if you want your relationship to be a dream. Scorpios will experience a slight delay in a new case at work, but it’s only temporary.

SAGGITARIUS: Even though you’re in a good place, you won’t use this good mood to flirt; you’d rather see friends and family who respond favorably to you. Couples who are experiencing bickering due to outside influences need to remember to ignore them and keep your problems between the two of you. For all, now is a good time get everything and everyone on your side, so that you can reap the benefits.

CAPRICORN: You’ll start the week by solving problems and, above all, making decisions like creating distance between yourself and people who pollute your life. These people are stopping you from reaching your potential. For couples, everything is to go well this week because the love inside of your home is stronger than anything and will relieve you from all of the torments of life. For all, Mercury will get your creative juices flowing.


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