Your Weekly Horoscope for July 24th


“Venus is blowing a breath of fresh air through Aries this week. If you’re single, prepare to be wooed by a new crush’s charm and unique sense of humor. Couples: You will find some much needed independence from your partner’s arms. Work-wise, don’t push the cart before the horse.”

“Like Aries, Venus is in your orbit this week. If you’re single, your recent bouts with sleepiness will affect your strength to go out and turn on the charm. For those in a relationship, a heated argument is headed your way, but rest assured it will blow over quickly. Professionally speaking, it’s important to always stay humble and thank your teammates for their continued hard work.”

“The possibility for love is at an all-time high this week, Gemini. Those currently unattached will put their entertaining skills to good use, finding perfect special someone in the process. In a relationship? Your partner may surprise you with something completely unexpected like a spontaneous trip. Career-wise, it’s time to transition onto bigger and better things.”

“Some say that true love waits, but they also say that it can often appear when you least expect it. With this in mind, single Cancer, have fun with your friends and family but always keep an eye out for a potential mate too. Couples: Remember that balance is the key to a healthy relationship. Professionally speaking, weigh the pros and cons before you make a life-changing decision.”

“The stars are aligned for you this week, Leo. You will have the pleasure of experiencing a romantic encounter that sweeps you off your feet if you’re single. If you’re in a relationship, relieve yourselves of everyday stress and book a much needed vacation. If you’re in charge of an upcoming work event, remember to organize as much as you can in advance and stay calm on the actual day.”

“Keep your eyes open single Virgo because someone that has been there all along will soon reveal themselves as your next lover. Couples: While family time is important, it can also cause unwanted drama, so stick to it in small doses. Work-wise, stand up for yourself when you know you’ve been wronged by a boss or fellow colleague.”

“In reaction to Saturn’s sultry system, singles will receive a compliment from a new love that boosts their self-esteem. Couples: Make the most of your time together and create some lasting memories. Mercury and Jupiter are aligned to make sure that your financial status booms with success before 2017 is through.”

“Historically, Scorpios are passionate and assertive when it comes to love. For those who are currently single, use these values to seek what matters most in a relationship, besides just the physical. Those already in a relationship may encounter a few arguments with their partner this week. Professionally speaking, every new career change takes time to adjust to.”

“Be mindful of your influencers this week. When looking for new friendships, it is possible that jealousy could erupt, so stay confident and true to what you believe in. Couples: Stop picking small fights for no real reason. At work, now is the time to seal a deal to benefit your future.”

“Patience is everything for you this week, Capricorn. If you’re single, instead of rushing into a new relationship and risking disappointment, take things slow and keep your eyes open for things that you don’t like. Couples: Communication is the only way to resolve an argument. Career-wise, with no major upsets in your future you can smooth sailing until the end of this summer.”

“Prepare to be hit by cupid’s bow this week, Aquarius. In a time when anything is possible, an unusual person is headed your way. Couples: While it’s important to watch what you say, don’t forget to take into account how you say it. Professionally speaking, channel your best energy into planning for your financial future.”

“Loneliness is no longer in your horizon, single Pisces. An upcoming event or trip could potentially serve as the meeting place of a new love. For couples, enjoy some much needed family time and plan a fun summer night maybe with some barbeque and s’mores. Professionally speaking, if you want to move your career along, take action and stop dreaming.”


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