Your Weekly Horoscope for June 19th


“If you’ve been casually dating someone new, now is the time to talk about getting serious. For those already in a relationship, you and your partner will embark on a fruitful joint business opportunity this week. At work, you’ll be in a collaborative mood, which could lead to some interesting exchanges.”

“For singles, the coming week will be full of delicious, but perhaps fleeting, opportunities for romance. It’s nearly summer; why not indulge? Couples will enjoy a week of happy harmony. Career-wise: This is the time to push for new projects and for your hard work to be noticed.”

“Unattached Geminis will be too occupied with work to bother pursuing a new partner this week. Those already in a relationship will find that, while their partner wants to go out and party, they’re more in the mood to cozy up at home. Professionally speaking, your talent will be recognized with the responsibility of a new and exciting project.”

“Cancer season begins with the Summer Solstice on June 21st, meaning great change is in store for you. Single Cancers should dare talk to the person they’ve been secretly admiring and couples should tell their partner how they truly feel. Work-wise: You’ll feel disengaged and ready to get out and enjoy the warm weather.”

“If you’re single, your friends might have something of an intervention this week. They’ll let you know why you haven’t found a partner in no uncertain terms. While this may be hard to swallow, try not to react defensively; absorb their objective observations instead. Couples will see results from their joint efforts and take constructive steps towards building a life together. At work, you might want to tone down the rhetoric. While you’re very proud and stubborn, compromise is necessary to avoid alienating your superiors. “

“Single Virgos will find their mojo again and approach romance with a renewed aura of seduction. What remains is deciding what you’re looking for in a lover or partner. Couples need more than sex to rekindle the flame: Do something fun and collaborative, like cooking a meal together too. Career-wise, you might not be included in everything that’s taking place, so wait to hear more about potential new projects before committing to anything.”

“Some singles might find themselves pining for a friend or co-worker during the month of June. These tricky affairs shouldn’t lead to your downfall, so proceed with caution. For couples, it will be a week of sensuality and harmony—both in and out of the bedroom. At work, you’ll feel powerful and ready to ask for a raise or a promotion.”

“Unattached Scorpios will re-conquer an old lover this week. If that applies to you, enjoy the ride, but don’t waste time repeating the pattern of your last rendezvous. Attached Scorpios will have a spell of jealousy. Lucky for you, your partner will find it flattering. At work, you might ask for better compensation, but don’t expect to get exactly what you wanted.”

“Single Sagittarius may find themselves feeling sentimental and lonely this week, but that doesn’t mean that you jump on the first person that comes along. Couples: If you sulk for no reason you can expect to feel distant from your partner. In the workplace, a promise might be broken or a promotion might not materialize, but do your best not to loose faith and keeping working hard.”

“Love is in the air for Capricorn this week, so savor all the sweet moments that it brings. Partnered Capricorns will go to great lengths for their other half, affirming their relationship’s longevity. At work, don’t take what happens in the office so seriously; it’s not always a bad thing to have people gossiping about you.“

“Try not to over-complicate things if you’re single this week. You might be faced a decision regarding a casual flame, but it needn’t stop your world from turning. Couples should re-focus on their domestic life: You and your partner’s shared values are the foundation of your relationship. A overly demanding micro-manager might make work difficult and leave you longing for easier times filled with sand, surf, and sun.”

“Your wild and free single days might be coming to an end, but don’t fret—you can find a compromise with a partner that maintains your freedom. If you’re already paired up and things have been a bit rocky, everything will return to normal this week. Professionally speaking, you might be eager to change jobs or take on a new initiative, but don’t jump into any binding contract too quickly.”


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