Inside the Palais Bulles


The backdrop to today’s Dior Cruise ’16 show, the Palais Bulles is set against the cliffs of Théoule-sur-Mer on the French Riviera, features waterfalls, ponds, and pools over an area of 12,917 square-feet, but—contains not one right angle corner. A signature of its architect, Antti Lovag—who felt sharp lines to be “an aggression against nature,”—the ‘rounded’ property was originally built between 1979-1984 before being bought as a showplace and summer home by Pierre Cardin in the late ’80s “The Palais Bulles is a space for living in the image of my own designs, a source of peace and of energy,” said Cardin at the time.

Famed for its maze of connecting bubble-like pods [the property’s name directly translates to Palace of Bubbles], the Palais’ design was inspired by old cave dwellers and the fluid form of the female body. Painted the same hue of ocher as the rocks in which it is set, it blends naturally into its surrounding in spite of its decidedly space-ago look. “In my search for the absolute, as crazy as it is marvelous, no other place offers me the depth of sustenance and support that I feel at the Palais Bulles,” said Cardin.

Read more about this location in Assouline’s “The Palais Bulles of Pierre Cardin.


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